All Accents Are Beautiful!!!

I grew up in the South and I have maintained my Southern Accent although it isn't as pronounced as it once was.  I love all accents however my favorites are the following.  Canadian-The way they clip their words.  There is nothing quite like a Canadian man whispering something in that clipped accent in my ear.  Midwest-Guys from IA, IL, and WI all have awesome accents as well.  I can also appreciate a great Irish or British accent-----All very yummy.  Many of the people I work with are from the Western States and they always comment about my Southern accent.  Just one time I would like to have the nerve to say "I don't have an accent... YOU DO! LOL"
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AC, you have a deep accent lol. You even type with it sometimes lol/

AC, you have a deep accent lol. You even type with it sometimes lol/

Im just not sure how i got an accent sounding differently then everyone around me.

I do not sound like those from the Carolinas either. They made fun of me because mine isn't as pronounced as theirs.

Ive got a weird one or at least people say i do. Apparently i sound different then the type of people i was raised around.

:) yeah right.

I was once told by someone from outside the US that I had the "most typical soutern California accent" they had ever heard. They are the only one I ever heard mention a southern California accent. Personally I like the southern accents, especially if someone is from North Carolina

I can understand that very much. I just love the midwestern accent. It is so awesome.

I can't wait to hear it someday.

ohhh tj ty little one

LOL so you liked my accent? I didn't know I had one but you sure do lol. It was cute.

I have a mexican accent. and well i love your accent as well, well, never mind, i love the perception that I have of your non-existent accent, cause i'm the one with the accent.!

MMMM you know it darling. lol

Awww thanks Karma

i agree all accents are sexy ,especially southern belles

MMMM DU I just LOVE a kiwi accent mmmm lol...<br />
<br />
Kasp, it is ok dear.


MMMM u have one of the sexiest ones... I just love the word "waaatear." LOl

I just wish I knew how to write with my accent, so you could hear it while you read.

When a lady has a Southern accent is wonderful.<br />
<br />
I think I love best a British or Scottish accent, they're marvelous. I don't know but when Sean Connery talks ... oh, wow! Instant putty.

Oh my Dan are u sure she is ready? It took me months and many nights of AC's coaching to get f***ck down to a science. Wow that jut sounded so wrong.

This is too funny FG! I was actually talking to a couple of friends of mine last night and telling them how much I love your drop dead sexy voice, and how you can even make the word **** sound smooth as all get out and that I am practicing to say it like you do... Not even kidding! lol

Oh gee sir... thanks for saying that.

Being in the part of the country I dont have an accent, but I do love that southern accent.

I have the Southern Proper accent that you are referring to lildevil. It freaks people out when I tell them what part of the country I was raised in. I have a much different accent than any of my friends. It may have something to do with the fact that my mother was an English major in college though as well.

I grew up in NJ but do not have a stereotypical hideous NJ accent - thank God! :)<br />
I went to college in the deep South and after a traumatic period of not understanding anyone I grew to love a proper Southern accent (not one at the gas station though lol). I sort of picked it up when I was down there but have lost it since then :( I adore the Charleson accent South of Broad - and also Gullah :)

Yepper and us Southerns all have a different accent. I never relized it until I was dating a guy from VA. Wow he thought I had a Southern accent and I referred to him as the Yankee accent because it was totally different from mine.

I would like to have the nerve to say that as well lol..<br />
<br />
Was on the phone with someone from ny earlier and he's like "so do you live in the south or something, you have southern drawl"<br />
<br />
and i'm're the one with the accent not me

MMM British is pretty good too lol.

Y'all slay me with such funny stories. Y'all come back and visit now.. Ya hear?

ya know da yoopers up der in da upper peninsula of michigan dey got dat accent too kind of a cross between midwestern and canadian you would probably love it. best example i can come up with for you is to see if you can find a song called The Second Week of Deer Camp by Da Yoopers

Girl you should take that act on the road. LMAO

LMAO!!!!! OMG don't make me pee my pants.

LMAO Sunstone. You remind me so much of an old friend. I am glad you are part of my circle!

LMAO Sunstone... I would love to her you speak some day. For some reason I have had the Beatles on my mind all day and your comment just took me back to my original thoughts. Hmm a sign of something possibly? Not sure but thanks for taking me back to it as it is a very pleasant thought!! MMM accents I love them.

Yeah Collin is fine!!! I have a friend that could be his twin. MMM MMM MMM!!!! I keep him around even when he is being a jerk just to look at him lol.

Red has the Southern Gentleman down pat. Everytime I think of you darling I want to grab my JD.<br />
<br />
Sugar, any accent will do. I agree the Aussie men are pretty hot. There's a slighty nerdy aussie that calls me from EP periodically just bc we love each others accent. For my ear though I LOVE the Canadian accent and the Midwest accent followed by a sexy Southern accent. Nothing like when they are whispering in your ear either, OMG I have to go take a cold shower.

Where the heck did Bass go???? Canadian man whispering in the ear.. that is your queue baby.....!!!!!

I have one

To you it might.

Well I don't have an accent unless I'm talking to one of your contrymen/women.<br />
<br />
I've never had a Canadian man whisper in my ear either.

Well fungirl being that we have talked on the phone the one thing that surpises me is how fast you talk for a southern girl. I have to admit I just love when you say, "oh, shut up", is sounds so nice and sweet it never comes across as mean.

I try seeing as we are siblings and all.

Go put your helmet on! LOL

And I bet it is one of my fav Canadian and a little bit Chinese. I bet you have a kick butt and that no prisoners accentl. I love accents.

Feb 18th, 2008 That is my baby's birthday. I went to the hospital on Feb 17 with labour cramps. Damn I think I was going to gave birth naturally. Nope. I had a C-Section. <br />
I kinda have an accent.

I've never thought of myself as being clipped-lol<br />
<br />
I will state for the record that I LOVE Americans from down south. They could teach the world what hospitality and being genuine is all about. I love you northerners too so no hate mail please-lol

MMM I love the midwest accent...U r right tht I do have to listen carefully to understand what midwest guys are saying. It fascinates me and I love to watch midwestern guys' lips when they are deep in thought and talking to me.

If you can deal with an "over by dar" or an "over by da gas station" i guess I can deal with a "y'all" every once and a while.

yay for the Southern accents!

well, being Canadian I find it very hard to believe that I have an accent ( just kidding) We all in the far north thank you. The warm drawl of a fine southern woman is unlike warm honey on ones tongue.