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All Accents Are Beautiful!!!

I grew up in the South and I have maintained my Southern Accent although it isn't as pronounced as it once was.  I love all accents however my favorites are the following.  Canadian-The way they clip their words.  There is nothing quite like a Canadian man whispering something in that clipped accent in my ear.  Midwest-Guys from IA, IL, and WI all have awesome accents as well.  I can also appreciate a great Irish or British accent-----All very yummy.  Many of the people I work with are from the Western States and they always comment about my Southern accent.  Just one time I would like to have the nerve to say "I don't have an accent... YOU DO! LOL"
fungirlmmm fungirlmmm 41-45, F 53 Responses Jan 27, 2008

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AC, you have a deep accent lol. You even type with it sometimes lol/

AC, you have a deep accent lol. You even type with it sometimes lol/

Being from a western state I've heard that we sound like newscasters from across the country. I have been told I sound like I should be on radio. or is that I have a face for radio? Regardless I would love to whisper in your ear with my deep voice and tell you how much I love listening to your accent. And you can tell me you don't have an accent but I do.

Im just not sure how i got an accent sounding differently then everyone around me.

I do not sound like those from the Carolinas either. They made fun of me because mine isn't as pronounced as theirs.

Ive got a weird one or at least people say i do. Apparently i sound different then the type of people i was raised around.

:) yeah right.

I was once told by someone from outside the US that I had the "most typical soutern California accent" they had ever heard. They are the only one I ever heard mention a southern California accent. Personally I like the southern accents, especially if someone is from North Carolina

I can understand that very much. I just love the midwestern accent. It is so awesome.

I can't wait to hear it someday.

ohhh tj ty little one

Southern accents are the bestest so don't worry about what your coworkers say!!! LOL

LOL so you liked my accent? I didn't know I had one but you sure do lol. It was cute.

I have a mexican accent. and well i love your accent as well, well, never mind, i love the perception that I have of your non-existent accent, cause i'm the one with the accent.!

MMMM you know it darling. lol

Awww thanks Karma

i agree all accents are sexy ,especially southern belles

MMMM DU I just LOVE a kiwi accent mmmm lol...<br />
<br />
Kasp, it is ok dear.


MMMM u have one of the sexiest ones... I just love the word "waaatear." LOl

I just wish I knew how to write with my accent, so you could hear it while you read.

When a lady has a Southern accent is wonderful.<br />
<br />
I think I love best a British or Scottish accent, they're marvelous. I don't know but when Sean Connery talks ... oh, wow! Instant putty.

Oh my Dan are u sure she is ready? It took me months and many nights of AC's coaching to get f***ck down to a science. Wow that jut sounded so wrong.

This is too funny FG! I was actually talking to a couple of friends of mine last night and telling them how much I love your drop dead sexy voice, and how you can even make the word **** sound smooth as all get out and that I am practicing to say it like you do... Not even kidding! lol

Oh gee sir... thanks for saying that.

Being in the part of the country I dont have an accent, but I do love that southern accent.

I have the Southern Proper accent that you are referring to lildevil. It freaks people out when I tell them what part of the country I was raised in. I have a much different accent than any of my friends. It may have something to do with the fact that my mother was an English major in college though as well.

I grew up in NJ but do not have a stereotypical hideous NJ accent - thank God! :)<br />
I went to college in the deep South and after a traumatic period of not understanding anyone I grew to love a proper Southern accent (not one at the gas station though lol). I sort of picked it up when I was down there but have lost it since then :( I adore the Charleson accent South of Broad - and also Gullah :)

Yepper and us Southerns all have a different accent. I never relized it until I was dating a guy from VA. Wow he thought I had a Southern accent and I referred to him as the Yankee accent because it was totally different from mine.

I would like to have the nerve to say that as well lol..<br />
<br />
Was on the phone with someone from ny earlier and he's like "so do you live in the south or something, you have southern drawl"<br />
<br />
and i'm're the one with the accent not me