What Is An Accent?

don't we all sound differnent and stand out when we are out of our natural setting. then we all have an accent eh?


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10 Responses Apr 5, 2008

i see.

And your spelling is awful lol

pffft ;)

I always think its amazing how when I swear people say 'ur scottish right?'.

Ah yes - the 'lad' thing in cork is great....you always know a Cork man even if the accent isnt strong!! Its funny how you can pick out the different counties from the little things!

In Cork ye also say 'You're a star'!! And here in Waterford everyone seems to to boy or girl at the end of their questions - like "What's up, boy?"

We canadian say Eh?

And the ex<x>pressions that are common to different people are really itneresting. In SA you can tell where someone grew up by the subtleties in their accents and the ex<x>pressions they use. For instance, I grew up in Durban so I use the ex<x>pression 'as well' a lot.

I have an accent too.

Yep, you're absolutely right. I live in Minnesota and everyone expects me to be spouting phrases like, "Uff da" and "Ya, you betcha" but I don't, as far as I know. However I do have a slight accent in the way I have troubles saying my "ing" sounds on the ends of words and can't say the word "twang" without sounding utterly ridiculous. Now I sound incompetent.... :D Are you Canadian...you said "eh" !