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There are different British accents, I know, but there are some I just love. I simply can't resist. I think British accent is very sexy. So, yes, British guys, just talk to me ;)
DorothyDancer DorothyDancer 16-17, F 2 Responses Nov 1, 2012

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Ah, but which British Accent? Welsh? Scots? Ulster? All with their subtle variations.

Home Counties? Cockney? Or the subtle variations around the South-West Peninsula? The BBC Drama dept used to stereotype characters radio plays about wars with these three: respectively rather upper-crust officer, army private and Naval seamen ranks, and a sort of Cornish-Somerset for sailors in period dramas.
It would also give factory hands accents that were meant to sound Northern.

Or how about Midlands _ a friend from one part of the area loosely called "Birmingham" told me at one time Dudley (his town) residents would be foxed by the Wolverhampton dialect, yet the two towns are only a few miles apart, with Birmingham itself somewhere in between!

Northern England has Yorkshire accents with slightly softer vowels than in neighbouring Lancashire, and lot of Norse words like "beck" (stream), "fell" (hillside or high moor) and "aye" (yes - possibly from Scandinavian / Germanic "Ja"). Curious constructions too: a Yorkshire native might approve of an event with, "Oh aye - it were a right good do were that!" - and there are variations on pronouncing "right".

I was once amused to hear two Lancashire lasses arguing over the right way to pronounce the town name "Colne" - one said "Cone", the other, Coln (hard 'o'). I said, "Blimey, if you locals don't know how to say your own towns, how do you expect a 'soft Southerner' like me to know?"

One evening I heard the landlady of my local "pub" (bar) talking to a customer whose accent I recognised only as North-Eastern English. She recognised it as Middlesborough area - similar to the non-native's ear, to Newcastle (Geordie territory). The two cities are not very far apart!

Oh aye, the range of British accents is incredible, and often the changes are marked over even just twenty or so miles, but this is fading somewhat as Britons on the whole are not averse to moving around the country.

totally agree