They Make Me Weak In The Knees And Moist In My Undies

I have always had a thing for a sexy man with an accent. British, Australian, Canadian and Nee Zealand accents drive me absolutely crazy! I don't know why but I instantly become aroused when someone with one of those accents speaks to me. I swoon for the men with those accents and an intelligent brain. Also some body art, scruffy facial hair and gorgeous smile. I'm weak for them. I am married to an American man who fits the bill physically but not mentally and accent wise. I really want a man with an accent. A woman too. I don't know why. It's uncontrollable. I just fall for them no matter what.
JessRuthless JessRuthless 22-25, F 5 Responses Dec 17, 2012

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Cool, there aren't too many people who are sensitive to that but have the same thing with both guys and girls. The NZ accent is beautiful, love the Ozzie accent too and the South African accent ;-)


He smiles and grins... good on ya mate... xD

What is your mental expectations of a man ?

Get ready for some wet got a Canadian guy here. Let's talk!