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What A Boring World

I do love accents, some are really annoying however most of them are really nice. I think if we sounded the same the world would be boring. I really enjoy listening to different accents of the world haha
I especially love Australian accents, male Aussie accents mostly but generally love Australian accents 
RHSK143 RHSK143 22-25, F 4 Responses Dec 20, 2012

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and i love WWE wrestlers accents lol:-)

What's very noticeable now is that many non-English speak and write American, even when residents of countries that officially and perhaps culturally hate the USA. Much of that comes from American films and TV.

Oh fine then!

Was this before, or after you met that Aussie? ;P

Before actually might be hard to believe but I've always had a thing for male Aussie accents ;)

So I see he already had an upper hand over me. =P

Hahaha no, no not at all :P

*puts on an Aussie accent* I don't believe you. =P

Hahahahaha believe what you want too ;) :P

I believe I have a sexier accent than he. =P

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