I Love Any Accent That Isn't British!

There are so many British accents in Britan.... Yep I've been on holidays in my own country, so I know.... LIKE seriously.... How can you love some of the accents? xD and my accent is boring.... Even if you don't think it is xD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyaHuHKgP6o there is my proof....

I love other accents :D Whether it be all different American accents, or Indian accents, or Italian accents.... etc.... Your accents are all brilliant! :) 
Cainamythgimoj Cainamythgimoj
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Meeeeaaaannniiiiieeee! I've got a British accent! D':

And so do I....

You should be proud of your... English...ness... :P

but it's so boring xD

And wouldn't an Austrailian think their own accent is boring? Heehee :3

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I'm Australian and I was speaking to an American friend on skype one day. His mother walks in and says; "Is that a British accent?" I'm still trying to work out if I'm offended or not. lol

Lol I can tell the difference between Australian and British xD The thing is.... I have found that with most Americans... any accent that isn't American they think is British xD