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Keep Talking

There are some really funky way of saying stuff... many interesting ones. 

I swear there is nothing sexier than a British accent. Hearing a British guy speak just makes my knees weak! =♥ I think I may have a fetish for ImpulsiveZen's voice. *giggle-giggle* That and a German accent. Oh, now there's an accent that also catches my attention quicker than you can say, "Eins, zwei, drei!" And I know some people make fun of the German accent and when the try to recreate it it sounds h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e. But a real German person... oh, it's so gorgeous!

An Afrikaans accent is also really cute. Sometimes really, really, really embarrassing if it's a pure Boer and they try to speak English. It's good for a nice laugh. =P Cape Colourd. The best accent ever for Afrikaans - just putting that out there, nê. they make everything sound dangerous with the accent! ;)

The Scottish and Irish accent! Whoooooo! =D I know some people find this extremely annoying, but see (or, well, hear it =P). Number 6, in "I Am Number Four," - she' from New Zealand, methinks? If that is how people from New Zealand speak, I'm moving there one day!  It's so incedibly cool! =D And their next door neighbors: the Australians... mmm, I'm indifferent about it. I could have actually have had an Australian accent. O.o

My sister and I were mimicking the actor from "Life of Pi". When he says "Columbus was looking for India," and "Richard Parker!" We just love the inflection and where stress is put. I must admit I've never been big on a French accent, but after hearing TideToGo's French-Canadian accent, I must say, I do like it now. ^^ 

The only (Northern) American accent that I kind of like is the Southern accent. Steel Magnolias? I love watching it just to listen to the people speak. okay, true, I love the whole play/movie. It's so horrible,yet so very fascinating. And just darn fun to do! ^^ But besides that I really cannot stand a U.S.A kind f accent. It freaks the living daylight out of me When my friends pronounce things the "American English way, I stop them in their tracks and  correct them (we work on a British English... well, English).

I love listening to people's accents. There are so many peculiar manners of pronouncing words. Accents can also tell you so much about a person - probably not the most important factors of a person, but I enjoy putting it all together. It can help identify a person's nationality, ethnicity, their fist language, their social class.... Usually I can pick-up on an accent very quickly. I may struggle understanding it for a few seconds, at most a few minutes, but eventually understand it as if it was something I heard every single day.

I just love speaking to people and listening to how they pronounce things. It's so much fun. ^^
Floydess Floydess 18-21, F 2 Responses Jan 3, 2013

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HAHAHAHAHAHA! That's my Favorited thing to hear! =D

*thick Southern accent*

"You got a puuuurty maouth!"