I have always been fascinated by accents. I had a horrific southern accent growing up. I realized this when I got to college and immediately began to try to lose it.

Now, I can mimic accents from all over...

Like, just now, I typed that in an impeccable French accent. 

Did you like it?
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I never thought that a southern accent could be liked by people. However; quite the opposite I have been complimented mant times lately about my southern accent. I had an experience in particular where the person didn't want me to hang up the phone hahaha :) Go figure! So trust me you may not think its beautiful, but there are people that truly love our southern accents and the deeper the better it is for them or so I am told. Try to learn to love your accent ;)

I am a complete Anglophile, which means I love all things British, but the thing I love more than anything about it is the Accents. The harder the Accent, to be able to hear all the words and understand the meanings, I love them that much more. Any strong Accent where you have to really listen to the words, sounds like music to my ears.

I like that part too! : )

I like when people try to mimic accents...but only for fun. In reality you should be a little more sensitive to accents!!

Yes. Only for fun. I have an ear for accents...and really do enjoy them...

Never try to get rid of your southern accent just keep expanding yourself it will make you a better human being, very proud of you!!!. But, if people discriminate against your unique culture they are stupid and you tell that I said so! LoL. I have an accent and very proud of it! you probably can detect it in my writing. For a while I was trying to get rid of it and its true!! it did gave me the skill to understand different ways people communicate. I became aware of the different style people use to communicate in their everyday life. I guess there is always a good side to everything! But be proud of your accent, love it and embrace it!

I am proud of my culture, proud to be from the place where I am...but the accent? Well, it's just one of those parts I don't enjoy as much. : )

Sounded remarkably like Inspector Jacques Clouseau!!!! Love it...


THANK you. : )

(You go to the trouble to type in an accent and no one notices. What the heck?)

LOL I appreciaTe you lady!

And then you go and ruin it by typing in a better accent than I did. Men never get it right...


*wonders how to giggle in French*

How about Le LOL?

Nice. : )

You mean, magnifique!!! ;-)


(You are typing this with your nose in the air, and a haughty look on your face, right? 'cause I am, and I don't want to look silly...)

Yes! Very French-man looking here! lol

: ^)

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If by horrific Southern accent you mean "somebody from the South who tries not to sound Southern" ????

Then yes you do....


Mmmm hmmm. ; )

I was recently told I sound less Southern than other people who aren't from here.

Well... That can't be helped if the people who say that are not right in the head...

People who say which thing? The thing about our accents, or the ones who say that I'm trying not to sound southern?

Southern accents are sexy though...
At least to this northern boy :)

Hah. They all say that. I think everyone just wants to laugh at us! : )

Nope. Honestly.....its super attractive.

Yelling in Southern is just the same as any other accent...


Bassy - thanks...I know people say that, but I just think it sounds country and icky.

Sailorboy - I don't yell. Much.

OK.... We'll go with much then....

(He just said that so I won't yell.)

See. Sometimes the monkey is smart. : )

Whatever.... My momma always said it's easier to catch....

Well... she said a lot of things really....

And she is a smart lady.

Not street smart.... savvy .... or anything like that....

I am sooooooo gonna tell her you said that.

(How's yelling in Italian compared to Southern?)

Well.... At least you can't understand 90% of it....

That way you can just make up stuff you want her to be saying....

*mutters to self*

Where's that copy button?

You're so not getting the good food next time...she's going to feed you sauce from a jar. You've passed being written out of the will, and now moved to being relegated to chef boyardee.

The drama of being written out of the will started at age 5....

AND.... She can't help but cook too much good food and making you eat....

PLUS.... It doesn't hurt to say that you haven't been feeling well lately.... Works every time....

Yes.... I know how bad I am!


She'll feed me.

Okay. She'll feed you. But she'll give you THE LOOK. And you'll know why.


Yea.... The "look" does kinda suck....

That's why I drink....

(I think I'll tell her that....)

ooooooh...RAGU FOR YOU , Sailor.
With a side of stink eye and a curse for dessert.

I would gag on "sugar-gu"....

Oh dear.... Lilt knows of the Italian "stink eye".... This can't be good....

Lilt!! I'm not alone!!

(Let's play a little game of "gang up on the monkey"!!!!! That's always fun!)

Poor guy. If he is getting jarred sauce, stink-eyed, and cursed...there is really not more for us to do here, Glowy.

Well, I was the one who was cursed. So we could look at that option....:)

Cursing the monkey BADDDDDDD!!!!!!!!

So the monkey should be goooood. Yes?




*raises eyebrow*

mmmmmmmmm hmmmm.

A goomba and a redneck... Who would have thought?
Have fun, you freaks.

I woulda never thought. Crazy...

But yes. Fun. : )

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