I'm From the North, But People Think I Am Southern

its funny, I am from the North (United States), but people think I am from the South.  A lot of it has to do with my mom being from Tennessee, and we used to go down there a lot as kids.  I picked up on some words, and have "trouble" pronouncing certain vowels.  But, I like it... people like to tell me I am a Southern Belle.... so I guess they must like it, haha. 
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1 Response Jun 26, 2007

My mom was in the south for a long time before coming to Califonia. We eat peach pie, and make peach ice cream and love fried ocre, corn on the cobb, gritts and sweet tea, and all that stuff. THEN I went to live in Tenn and Georgia for a little while.<br />
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Weirdness takes place as I alternate between these accents. As soon as a southerner arrives on my scene, I switch out of California into Georgia-Tennessee. It is weird to those around, who do not know me. But hey, I also speak a little Spanish and a lot of Japaneese and if someone is doing those languages why not jump in, right?<br />
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I think it is great that your language accent tells something about where you and/or your family have been.<br />
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