So I adore accents. I wish I had a better one by nature. There is no denying that accents are intriguing. However, if I am around someone with an accent and hold a conversation with them, I will  find myself slipping into that accent. I have no idea why, but then I feel like a jack-***, like I am trying to imitate them. I just can't help it!
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wow, i havent been on this site in years but i checked all the comments on my old stories and i have to say this was the coolest one! definitely gave me a different way to look at situations like that and i have always known i was empathetic. it is cool to think that is why i do certain things as simple as this. thanks!

Agree with last comment. I think if we care enough to communicate well we will start using all the nuances language has to offer to get in the zone and speak comfortably. And then if you feel a connection to someone else you can smoothly transition into a pleasant, balanced conversation with that person too.<br />
It might help us to put the other person at ease and assist in the rythm of the exchange.

I do that with my best friend, who's from Texas...just start speaking like I'm a Texas native after a few minutes on the phone with her.<br />
<br />
I think that people who are empathetic are more likely to mimic accents, gestures, and even words they here a lot, in someone they like. Not even as an attraction thing necessarily, but just someone you like to talk to. It's a subtle cue that says "I hear you, and I like you."<br />
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So don't feel's just means your empathetic towards others, and that's a good thing.

Wow! I wasn't sure if I was the only one. I want to find out why it happens. I'm sure it's something to do with how we perceive sound. Anyway, I agree it is a bit embarrassing. I tend to think that they are thinking I am either trying to be cool or rude.

I do the same thing!. I just don't know why, and it's kind of embarrassing...