I Love Most of Them!

My GF does a great British accent, I wish she wasn't so shy and would do other ones.

I don't know why but accents are such a turn on, but for me it's mostly European accents that do it for me.
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By the way lots of other guys call them **** and that sounds so much more pervy. my bf just calls them boobs.

LOL. I didn't know anyone who called them boobies anymore. You just made my day.

Funny I can speak Italian, and the D's refers to the D sized boobies!

And accents are insanely hott. I have a fling for Italian boys.

what does that happening with the D's lingo mean?

black and red hair? wow what a combo.

Forget my girlfriend, you sound insanely HOT!!!<br />
But if you most know she's used to be a blonde (natural too) now she's got some kind of black and red thing happening with the D's.

I drive every guy crazy. Either because I have DD's or they like my new heels. So sue me. I drive my bf crazy too. He loves it when i get a bikini wax. Do you like blondes? I am a natural blonde too. And I have low cut shirts to compliment my big boobs. My friend Caitlyn said I should be a model !!! Are you turned on yet. So what does your girlfriend look like?

I blame James Bond movies all the women in those movies where insanely hot and have an accent.<br />
Now when it comes to the other stuff I want the whole package, it's not just boobs, waxing and thongs the nails, makeup and eyes complete it. I want it all! <br />
By the way Slutslider you're so f'ing hot, it drives me crazy!

It seems like lots of men like women with accents and why is that? Almost every guy I know thinks accents are hot. Well, I don't really have an accent. Most guys just think i'm hot because I have big boobs and get bikini waxes, and wear thongs too (sometimes) There are also other things about me like my eyes, hair, make-up, but a man can only stare at your face so long and then they have to go to something else and then you look down at your shoes and happen to notice they have an incredibly huge hard-on and that's when you realize it wasn't your beautiful blue eyes or french manicure that made them get a big bulge in their pants. LOL