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The car wash we use has free vacuum and there is always a line. Last year I was in line at the vacuum cleaners and the girl in front of me had a loose top. While she was bent over, I noticed I could see her boobs. I got so excited. After a while I carefully took off my bra while still in the car. I made sure my top was very loose and going to hang down while I vacuumed. When it was finally my turn, I was so horny and wet. I walked around and gathered all the trash while my nipples were aching. Next I turned on the vacuum and started cleaning. My top hung down better than I hoped so that the cars behind me could get a very good view and show. I vacuumed for a long time feeling my boobs shake as I moved the vaccum back and forth. I was so horny I hoped my light green shorts didn't show my wetness. As I finished the front and back seats on the driver's side, I opened the back hatch and was very careful to do a good job of putting on a show. When I went to the passenger side, I noticed the guy from the car behind mine, get out and pretend he was looking at something on his car. I was so embarrassed, but kept going. I'm sure my face was all red. When I finished, my knees were very weak and shaky. I laugh now, but I thought while pulling into the wash that I might not have the strength to put the brake on to shift the car in neutral. As soon as the car started moving through the wash, I started playing with myself. I couldn't wait to get home. I drove straight home and ***********. I have used that memory many times while toying. Hopefully, the guys behind me enjoyed it too.
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That's a great story! Thanks for sharing it with us. I've had a similar experience from the watcher's perspective. I stopped at a hair salon for a quick haircut instead of my usual place. While I waited my turn, one of the staff opened up the tanning booth to wipe it down. There were fold out doors and they opened it up wide to clean it. The lady cleaning wore a white dress, very loose, and she had no bra on. When she leaned over you could see her small breasts hanging down. Best haircut ever!

great to have been there... wow

Nothing I love more than a woman who gets a charge out of showing off!