Pants Fall Off.

I park my car next to the cart return spot at the supermarket. Wearing loose shorts I can suck it in and have them fall to the ground on demand. Walking out to my car with two bags, one in each arm, I wait until a woman is returning her cart then drop my car keys as though I was trying to unlock my car door. I then start to bend over and my pants fall off. It is a fun game and the different actions are interesting. Some ignore the fact that I'm exposed, some help by picking up my keys and unlocking the door, and on two occasions I have had help pulling up my pants. Which in one case caused an erection while the young lady's face was in my crotch. In one case a man watching came running over to help, pulled up my shorts but spent to long tucking things away, which caused the only real embarrassment and it was on my part. Older women will usually just stare, but I did get an offer to come along to one ladies place where she said she would put a tuck in my shorts to avoid that embarrassment in the future. She didn't put the tuck in my shorts after I took them off.

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Aug 4, 2010