Brother In Law Saw Me

I am a fantatic about exercise. My husband's brother and wife stayed with us for a week. They had been giving me a hard time about my routine. Every morning I get up by 5:00 am, work out in our basement exercise room, then sit in our dry heat sauna for 30 minutes. I was telling them how invigorating it was but they still thought I was obsessed with this daily routine so early in the morning while they all slept in. But, I explained that this was my quiet time away from the family and that it was something I really enjoyed. On the third day of their visit I had gotten comfortable that I could continue my routine without interruption. To my shock, the sauna door opened and there was my brother in law, who said I had been raving about the benefits of the sauna so much he had to try it out. However, what I failed to mention is that I like to be nude in the sauna and sit on my towel. He was obviously embarrassed and kept apologizing but I said it was ok, that I had been telling them how great it was and should have known that maybe one day they would wake early and be curious. I told him he was still welcome to join me and he promised to keep it our secret. I was so self conscious. It was so hard to just sit there trying to have a normal conversation while in the nude. I was suddenly so aware of how little extra space there was in our sauna. And, of course, I was ready to leave first so had to get up, pick up my towel, and walk past him out of the sauna to shower. I could just imagine him watching me walking away but thought it would look stupid of me to cover myself for the short walk to the shower in the basement after I'd been sitting naked with him for 20 minutes. But, after, the more I thought about what had happened, the more I enjoyed that I liked being seen and how glad i was that I am obsessed with staying in shape.
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did you repeat the process again after that episode?

very hot - hmmm

Very grown up way to handle his arrival. Really minimized any chance of it becoming an issue.

Hope that was the begining of many instances when you were seen! Am somewhat surprised he didn't ***** off to get the full benefit... ;)

Wow - lucky him. I would love to see my sister-in-law nude.

Great story. Wish I was your bro in law. :)

Thats kinda hot

If any other girl would have been in your place she would have cried for seeing her private parts by a third person.I really appreciate you.

Makes me twitch thinking about it!! :-)

hot hot hot

very interesting guess you really inspired him to seek out your alone time and wake up early , being careful to not wake your sister at 5 what an inspiration...maybe he will join you up on the roof when you tell him about the benefits of tanning to see you lay out in the nude. seems a bit too convenient although I cant tell from the internet what his intentions were. maybe it was just a happy coincidence you were nude. glad you were comfortable and didn't feel invaded in your routine. good luck with your fitness :)

A truly great story and the way you handled his entrance was very special. Some would have had an explosion of anger when he came in but you handled it a way that made it easy to make an exit. You have class dear lady.


Nice story!

I don't think you ever said but was he nude in the sauna also?

Loved your story.............................It can be nice getting to know the in-laws better!

great story! wish i was in there with you!

Great story. Did he join you any other mornings?

Great story. Did he join you any other mornings?

Did the experience make you want to consider other "accidental nudity" scenarios? ^_^

Did the experience make you want to consider other "accidental nudity" scenarios? ^_^

The in law thing can be weird...and rewarding to. Been there myself...and didn't mind it at all.

Did your husband ever fined out and what did he say.

No, I never told him

Great awesome story liked it alot.

Nice reward for staying in shape. He liked every minute I bet

Wonderful story, and it is very nice to be able to feel comfortable in a situation such as that.

you were very cool about it, just as you should be because being naked is natural specially in a sauna .. ( i bet he still thinks of you sometimes ) ... i would love to be a friend please add me

Did he say anything afterwards to indicate if he enjoyed seeing you naked? Did he look like he was enjoying it???

Yes, he has commented several times since...we clearly have become much closer

how long did he stay in there after you went..? <br />
<br />
i bet if he is anything like me he would donated one to you latrer...

were u staring at each others body

Oh man that is such a turn on to me because there were a couple close calls of seeing my sexy Sister in law naked and if she would have reacted like that it would have been awesome. Thanks for sharing this great story! Love it 5 stars.

very nice story, I wish it was me that walked in on you

The whole reason to be in shape is to remain attractive- right? sounds like your brother-in-law got to be one of the select few to be rewarded by your hard work!

wow....20 minutes......did he have a *****

on the bright side... there should be no conversation you couldnt have with him now... plus im sure he would be more than willing to join your routine upon future visits!

From the perspective of a brother in law who shares an intense amount of sexual tension with his sister in law....I guarantee that he knew there was a 50/50 chance you were naked and that is the reason that he came down there. And he was hoping you would say yes to him about taking his clothes off. Otherwise he would have never mentioned it

smoking hot story sweetie, <br />
and you handled things so smooth, wish I could have been a fly on that wall. Speaking of smooth, are you clean shaven or all haired over? The reason I ask is cause, I picture you as having a spectacularly bald *****, and I was just wondering if he was able to maintain eye contact. I also beleive you flashed him an open legged opportunity to view the goods, I know I would.<br />

oo to have a dry sauna with you......

I would have enjoyed it. Was he nude as well?

you should invite him to sauna with you again lol

he's a lucky guy

Please friend me and we can pretend I am you brother in law and this time I will get a big chubby looking at you as you walk away. I bet he still dreams about seeing you naked.

very sexy story, i think you played it right but not covering up on your way to the shower. If i were him, i would probably meet you again the next day

I hope he got naked too. I know I would have :-)

I have enjoyed naked sauna time with a gf, but we weren't walked in on. With what we were doing we probably would have gotten in trouble, but it would have been worth it.

I am also wondering how arousing it was for you to be alone and naked in the ba<x>sement with him. I would love to hear more about this from you and from others as well. I know I certainly get aroused when someone unexpectedly sees me in the nude. Thank you for sharing.

would have liked to have been there

Wow, Cool chic and great story... Would love to hear your feelings on it more. Were you scared your other family members would see? Did you get aroused? Did He get aroused? I just love the thrill. Thanks for sharing!

I have a sister in law obsessed with fitness, and she keeps ion great shape too... I have seen her accidentally and let me tell you, I have not forgotten her nice figure... have not been able to keep her out of my mind... SHe is so nice to me and we have touched a little by "accident" too. lol

if you work so hard to have a great body,why not show it off a little and be proud......

Very hot.

In my case, just a few weeks ago my mother-in-law saw me nude while I was taking shower she simply barged in and sure she said sorry but she did her thing and carried on a normal conversation. At first I was embarrassed like hell then became comfortable. We are now best of best friends. It's interesting how things turn out for the better in a non-comforting situation. We now dress-up in-front of each other like we are two friends.

WOW How lucky for your brother in law. You should have told him to ***** himself and make it an even playing field. When I went to Amsterdam and went to use the hotel sauna it was with 3 people naked in it. 2 girls and 1 guy. It was hot in more was than the obvious.

lisa not sure... i'm thinking if he had asked me i would be like sure, why not? but then i think what if his wife or your husband walked in and your both like that?

As a guy, I can guarantee that he thinks of this every time he sees you. ;) brother-in-law did ask if I would be more comfortable if he removed his clothes too....but how was I supposed to answer that?

I'll bet you're crazy curious....

wow that would be embarrasing but probably kinda exciting too. i think he shoulda striped down, i mean fair is fair.

Yes, a great story. I'm a bad gym rat, myself, although I don't work out every day and really enjoy a serious sauna, too. <br />
<br />
Have you ever done the cold plunge pool afterward? Amazing... And, nudity in a sauna is really the norm, although I can see that the in-law and the surprise would be a special case.

Beutiful smile. I would love to see the whole package

It's cool that you were so natural about it afterwards. I have always thought it to be seriously strange that people are so concerned with nudity. I can't understand why some body parts are meant to be concealed. Being so relaxed about it is how we'll overcome this taboo. After all, so often it seems to brighten everyone's day.

Sounds like a lot of fun. that's about as hot, flirtatious and sexy as you can get with a guy. I'm guessing that he had you stuck on his brain for a long time. Or at least until he could relieve some of the pressure...