Chose Not To Wear My Glasses

I was staying at friend's house that has a large room where threw down a futon bed. The washroom was just off of this room with a walk-in in shower without a door. The whole space was once a business, and the layout was artsy funky.

He had a female friend come over early while I was in the bathroom. As I showered I heard someone using the toilet. I was going to ask my friend if this was a *close* friend when I noticed from the reflection she was sitting there doing her business. Artists and nudity, I guess. I took a step or two to the back of the shower while rinsing my hair and saw her lean over to take a look.

When she was done, I finished. My glasses were over by the futon. She was at the table looking into the room and he was looking the other way.  I walked out with the towel and finished drying off and fumbled around for some clothes. I could not see a lot but she was looking.  I spent a litt extra time with my pubic area and she never looked away.  When I "found" my glasses I came over and said hello.

Some women are visual and enjoy boy watching as it turns out.
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2 Responses Oct 11, 2010

hmmm this one seems very familiar to me... 8-)

such a voyeour experience, I really like when these types of things happen to me. Was she hot?