The Spanking

My husband and two buddies of his, were sitting at the kichen table early one Saturday morning. Getting ready to put new carpet down, in the family room downstairs. I had just woke up and slipped on a short hooded yellow terri cloth robe. I went out to the kitchen, grabbed the coffee pot to fill up with water. When I turned the spigot on, the hand spray nozzle shot out and drenched me. Someone had put a rubber binder around the handle. I grabbed a kitchen towel and dryed may face and neck off. All three of them were kinda snickering.

I look at my husband an laughed, you think that funny? I rolled the towel up and went over and snapped it at him a couple of times.
He tried to grab the towel but, was too slow. I snapped it a couple more times. He said" Stop it or you going to get a spanking young lady". I snapped it one more time, and turned around to retreat.He jumped up and swiped for the towel, and accidentally caught the hood of the robe, as I was trying to escape. The robe was down around my elbows.I was laughing so hard, trying to cover my boobs, he caught me and he sat down on a glider chair the has a rocking ottoman to it, with me over his lap. He started to gently spank me.

His buddies had followed us out to the living room now.I heard couple of wahoos. My husband was holding me down so tight, with one hand, the robe around my elbows I couldn't cover up and gingerly spanking me with the other. I think my husband was unaware of the trashing around and the movement of the rocking ottoman my 40dd boobs were jiggling front to back and side to side. I couldn't move my arms. He stopped and let me up and I was still laughing, and not mad. His buddy ask for a replay. My husband said it was my own fault for not wearing support.

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Great fun for all... you guys should do more! and post it!! :D

I don't see that it was anyone's 'fault'! Sounds like fun to me!
UK couple.

Your husband's buddy sounds like the typical male, lovin' it!

Sounds like good times!

Doesn't matter what age, imho...with that kind of fun attitude you can't help but be sexy!

nice story very hot i bet everyone enjoyed the view did he turn you bottom nice and red

Mmm...that is an awesome story, so funny and very very hot for all involved i am sure :D

When it happened I was laughing so hard, I couldn't even talk. I didn't think he would really spank me. Once my husband released me and I got up, my robe was disheveled and still wet around my waist. Needless to say, my bare breasts were on display. I think at that point my husband thought he was in trouble. But i said something like "have you all seen enough." Upon reflection, maybe while I was been spanked and my boobs were out, maybe a little embarrassed then. But after words, I maybe felt good knowing for a 47 yo woman, they are still quite firm and large and very pronounced on my 5'3" fr<x>ame.

On reflection, thinking about your buddies seeing you naked, does it excite you or embarrass you?

Thank you for sharing can only imagine those 40 DD's hanging loose and free!!

very sexy his friends wanted you..