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Naked Massage

This is my first experience project story.

For many years I have been a careful exhibitionist. I have “accidentally” flashed my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and neighbours.

But on a recent holiday to Asia things went a little further.

I was staying at a nice 4.5 star hotel & decided to get a a normal massage. No happy ending, just a relaxing professional massage. It was described as a combination of Swedish & Thai.

I was shown to the room & told to undress. I was shown some disposable underwear in a sealed wrapper. I had never tried these, but I followed their instructions & put them on. A few minutes into the massage the elastic was uncomfortable. The masseuse must have sensed this as she asked if I was comfortable with these (touching the underwear). I answered no & asked if she would mind if I removed them. She said no & helped me remove them as I was on my stomach. I thought that she would have got a quick peak as they came off.

The massage continued with the occasional light brush of my balls. This was definitely by accident, but gave me a thrill. I also got a buzz when I rolled over onto my back. The masseuse totally removed the towel & held it high in front of her face as I rolled over onto my back. I lay there for what seemed like for forever before she covered me. She must have got a good look as lowered the towel to cover my front.

The massage progressed to the Thai stretching. This was mostly done with me in the sitting position with my legs crossed or straight and the masseuse behind me. As I was “pushed” & stretched from behind, my arms repeatedly pushed the towel away from my hips until I was completely exposed. The towel sat in a pile in front of my legs. My masseuse covered me several times as she repositioned. She didn’t make a big deal. I just exacted as if I didn’t notice.

As the massage finished my masseuse turned up the lights and stood beside me as I stood (you can get light headed so I figure they don’t want you fainting). Without even thinking about it, the towel fell to the floor and there I stood naked in front of my masseuse. Instinctively she bent down and grabbed the towel and handed it to me. She must have got a good look as she was only inches away.

Feeling braver & comfortably with my masseuse, I proceeded to towel myself down while we talked as she left the room. She just kept smiling but I suspect that she found it amusing that I couldn’t care who saw me naked as she opened the door to leave.

I had such a great time I went back for seconds.
epepep epepep 36-40 3 Responses Dec 13, 2010

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Don't worry about it. Those masseuse and masseur have seen many naked human bodies.

Wow great masseuse! I hate it when they are prudish and ask you to keep your underwear on. I have heard that it depends on where they are trained and the last one I had said she does not massage the gluts and she said that her instructor told the class that they should ask the customer to leave their underware on and if they don't they should refuse to give the massage and ask them to leave.

I agree I had a similar experience and loved every minute.