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Naked Massage 2

My second massage was with the same masseuse so we were comfortable with each other. I didn’t bother with any underwear. Upon starting the massage, the masseuse slid the towel covering my butt up to my shoulders, leaving my entire lower half exposed. She then covered my lower half and started the massage.

Things proceeded much the same as last time. This time I had my p**is pointing down while on my stomach and this got the occasional accidental touch. When I rolled over the masseuse didn’t hold the towel in front of her face, so she had a pretty good view of my front.

When we started the Thai stretching, she was more careful in covering my lap. She pulled the towel further around the back (maybe it was my imagination). Instead of pushing the towel away during the stretching I let it ride up until I was poking out the bottom of the towel. As i was getting doubled over the bunched towel was pressing into me so I pulled it away and dropped it in a pile. I said to her that, “it was just getting in the way”. Her response was “yes, that's ok. So for the next 10 minutes I was completely naked while she stretched me. What a buzz.

When we finished I just stood naked and thanked her for the massage. She turned up the lights and I thought she was about to leave. But she asked me if I was going to leave the oil on for a while. I replied I was going to wipe most of it off as I would shower in my hotel room (getting dressed for the lift ride).

To my surprise she asked me to get back on the table. I climbed on and lay on my back completely naked. The masseuse rinsed a wash cloth and washed my entire body except for my pubic area. She was very professional and at no time did I consider it sexual. She was just providing me with great service.

By the time I left the room I was just buzzing. I didn’t get hard during either of the massages as I think my brain wasn’t thinking along those lines. It was just a huge thrill to be naked around a complete stranger who was totally comfortable with the idea. While I drank my tea & chatted with the masseuse and receptionist, I asked if she minded the nudity. She said no as it was really the best way to get a massage.

Unfortunately I doubt I will enjoy that level of service from my massages at home.
epepep epepep 36-40 4 Responses Dec 13, 2010

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Massage without drapings is most comfortable.

I had a great massage today. I've been going to a sports clinic here in Southern California for over 2 years. When I came the first time, the massage therapist (female) asked if I were shy. I told her I was a backyard nudist and that I was not shy. She had me undress and when I was ready, she came back and began working on my back. I did have a sheet on my lower half as she worked on my back. After a bit, I told her she could pull the sheet down if it made things easier. She did. After a half hour of great work on the tense muscles of my back, she said it was time to flip over. I told her I was totally comfortable doing so without a covering. She said fine, once you've seen a man naked, it's not a problem - then turn over. I did and she worked the muscles of my legs very hard, getting the knots out of my quads. Over the past two and a half years, I've tried to go once a month, sometimes not as often. Since I am a daily runner, the deep tissue work is great. I have never worn anything from the first time onwards. She is very experienced and very professional. We talk and she works the knots out. I told her today I could not imagine any other way to have a massage and she agreed it is really the best for her also since she does not have to try working around a sheet or other covering. I can tell you there is nothing sexual about it and when she is making my muscles ache from the pressure, I know that they will feel so much better before my run tomorrow. How lucky am I to have found such a situation?

I have had so many massages over the years that I can't count them, and probably one out of ten has been fully nude. My first therapist was Norwegian and a natural, she thought nothing of it and several others were the same way. Just treat the therapist with respect and don't ask for anything, usually after they get comfortable and used to you it's not a problem. That is getting tougher with all the silly laws, though. Finally Oregon is relaxing about it though more than they were there for awhile.

Have massages here in Sweden several times a year. Usually a bit of towel slips especially when rolling over on back. No full nudity massages yet. ;-)