My Teacher Saw Me

This had happened to me in my high school days. When I started having erections and sexual urge. But, still did not know anything about pleasuring my ownself by then.

I had a very sexy looking teacher with perfect body to urge for. She was around 23-25 years then and a complete **** material. She used to come home everyday for my studies after school.

One afternoon I was all alone at home. I was wearing a tight denim and a shirt. When she came home, we sat down for studies as usual. But, after a few minutes, I started getting hard-on and felt competely restless and uncomfortable due to the tight denim. I could not concentrate on the studies. And was constantly having an urge to get myself touched by her. So, I came up with this idea. I asked her to excuse me for a min. And I ran in my room (which was just behind the wall where we sat). Since, she could not see me, I undressed myself completely she wasand had a big throbbing erection. I was literally dying to show-off myself naked to her. And this feeling made me hornier. I had to call her in my room.

I knew, she loved chocolates and I had some of her favourite in my room. So, I simply shouted out and asked whether she would be interested in having some chocolates? Since, she did not know I was naked, she simple did not reply me and simply walked in my room. Both of us simply forgot about the chocolates and she had her mouth open in surprise. I acted, as if I was not expecting her to be in and pretended to be shocked and embarrassed being naked in front of her (I actually enjoyed the whole thing and wanted to go further). 

She stood there for a few moments and walked out without saying anything. I returned back to her in my pajamas and soft shirt. Both of us did not discuss a word about this and simply continued with the studies. I still feel horny about this and stroke to releive myself (I am doing it right now as well).

I thought she did not enjoy the scene and would not want to take things any further. I was not wanting to push my luck too much as I was scared, she would complaint my parents.

But, after a few days, she came home as usual. But, wore a sleeveless T-shirt with no bra inside. Her nipples could be easily seen covered by that T-shirt. 

My eyes got glued to her breasts and just kept looking at them all the time she was teaching. She observed me well and had a witty smile on her face all the time that day. A little while later, she started bending low so that, I can get a complete downblouse view of her beautiful breasts and poking nipples.

Man I am hard even thinking about the experience right now. Unfortunately, my mom and brother were at home all the time that day, so things did not move ahead.

But, after these incidents, both of us use to tease each other with subtle hints like accidentally keeping the pant's zip open, buttoning or zipping up the pants out of the bathroom after a pee, etc.
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2 Responses Feb 9, 2011

Very disturbing, but amusing.

I'm curious. What specifically do you find disturbing about his story?

Sometimes is better to let is be... and enjoy teh suspense and tension it creates... it is playful