Lovely Summer Shower

Way back in the early eighties I was on duty next to Kensington Gardens in central London,manning a barrier and checking visitors into a certain royal palace.I sat inside a nice little sentry box with buttons to raise and lower the barriers as needed.It was the middle of summer and the day had been really hot,so there were lots of young ladies coming and going through the park gates wearing nice summer dresses which were thin but not see-through.I noticed that the sky suddenly darkened and it began to rain.Not just a light shower,but a real heavy downpour,with raindrops bouncing a foot off the road when they hit and a river running down the road.Everyone was running for shelter under the large trees near my sentry box.As I looked toward the gates of the park I saw a very well built young lady come out of the park,wearing a thin floral summer dress which was totally soaked through,making it completely transparent,as if she wore nothing at all.She had really magnificent pair of breasts and no bra,so I could see them in all their glory.She did have panties on under the dress,but that was all;one see through dress and a pair of panties,all very wet and not covering much at all;everything was open to view,
and what a sight it was! After looking on in amazement for a few moments,my better half took over and I called her over to the box and asked if she would like to phone anyone to come and collect her.She was very grateful and phoned for her husband who arrived about five minutes later to rescue her.They both thanked me for helping,and though I did not say it,I did think,"Any time!" I already had my reward and a bad case of eye strain.
Rapolis Rapolis
66-70, M
2 Responses Feb 28, 2011

Hard work, dedication, and professionalism have their rewards. And it sounds like you got yours. Well Done! And thanks for sharing. TWOF

Lucky man in the right place!