Quickens The Pulse A Little

A neighbor lady walks her big dog. If the dog gets a scent it will spin her around. Canine training is not her thing. In the summer she will wear loose fitting clothes. I walk along and say hello which brings the big dog around for pat on the head. Sometimes I get a glimpse down her top and sometimes she wears a top that will allow her small boobs to come out briefly. She just huffs, My dog is just too big, and fixes her shirt. It is a rare occurrence, but fun for all. She likes the attention and I like the glimpse.

Also in the summer I invite my neighbor and her kids over to use the pool on occasion. My kids are grown, so why not. Sometimes she swims too with a top that becomes semi-transparent. Her kids don't look twice. I assume nudity at their home is fairly open. Last summer I wore a suit that allows me to slip out if not careful. When the kids went inside to eat, I allowed a slip. It was flirty and we both know it, but fun.
MrSoCal MrSoCal
46-50, M
1 Response Mar 5, 2011

Good job, hope you can go further with your neighbor! She's sounds like a lot of fun to have around.