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Wife Voyeured In The Shower

I must start with the fact that I love to show off my wife, but that she's the one that decides when to expose herself... We live in a sort of commune, no locked doors and people come and go more or less as they please, but usually we all knock before entering someones house... Our shower is located exactly in the view of the front door, but we usually don't close the bathroom door for a number of reasons... yesterday my wife was taking a shower while I was reading a story for the kids in the sofa... I forgot all about the fact that she was in the shower so, as usual., I just said come in.... and this man walked in, and at the minute he walked in I realized she was in the shower and he asked, where is your wife... and in the middle of the sentence he says... oh, she is showering... then he said... I just leave the papers here on the table, but my wife didn't want him to leave on such an embarrasing moment, so she called me: bring me my towel please! I gave her the towel and she came out to discuss the paper with the guy... and he said he saw naked people before, no problem, but she was kind of embarrased... Since I love when other men look at my wife, it feels like a setup, but in this case it was just accidental nudity at the best :)
sammya sammya 31-35, M 18 Responses Mar 18, 2011

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You have a great wife, not just a great looking woman but a playful one at that. My wife likes to be "caught" naked or exposed but plays it off like there was nothing she could do, it just happened... Love it and wish she would do it more.

I guess we have the same material here...

I wish so too!

Living in that way, it seems there are lots of opportunities to have her 'accidentally' exposed...

It reminds me of ...

Of what? :)

where are you from?

Maybe from your neighborhood... where are you from?

Give me you address I ll stop by ;) pleas add me

I don't think we're in the same neighbourhood, but I would love you to take a peep :)

you are a great couple, wish u all the best<br />
hope to be friends

Thanks :)

I would also love to.

awesome story !

great story, very sensual


:) well in that situation its quite awkward from both sides I suppose :) Unless you are prepared...

Great story! I would have been stuck at the door for a while enjoying the view of your naked wife.

great story i'd love to have walked in

very nice

feel free to look at my naked wife in my profile,love to see your naked wife,add me

goog for you i love to show my wife off too. Nice that she came out right after too.

It's usually backward with me and my wife.

Great story I enjoyed reading this one thanks for sharing.