My Wifes Friend

My wife and I had a 2 bdrm apt., Her friend Denise was between apts and she came to stay with us for awhile. She worked out of town and would get a cab to the train early in the morning, before we got up for work. One morning, I woke up, my wife was in the shower, Denise should have been gone, so I walked out to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. I had an erection when I woke up but it had gone down some, but my **** was hanging pretty thick, our kitchen had an entrance from the hall and from the dining room. Kitchen light was on and as I entered from hallway, Denise entered from dining room. Our eyes met, wide eyed, and then her eyes went down to my ****, as she looked at my **** she said her taxi was late, then looked back up at me, I didn't know what to say, just oh. Then before she left the room her eyes went back to my **** again, taking a nice look. It was really exciting having her look at me like that, a few days later we had a little encounter, which was nice too.
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A similar story. It was holidays and the house was suddenly crowded. Only one bathroom in the upper level of that house. We were sort of "double-bunking" in the sense that one bedroom was shared temporarily as a common change room, with several sets of luggage, for out of town guests. I came out of the bathroom after a shower, with just a small guest towel, the last I could find after everyone else had used up all the clean and dry towels. This little guest towel was almost covering me, but not quite everything. I entered the bedroom right next to the bathroom, and my towel dropped! My brother's fiance was brushing her long dark hair, and she was completely nude! We sort of looked at each other for a few seconds. Then we both started to make moves to cover up a bit. Then at exactly the same moment we both laughed and just stood there, just as we were. Smiling meekly. And looking each other up and down for a glorious moment or two. We enjoyed the supposedly "accidental nudity" -- and it "accidentally" happened again a few times. I think she liked the glimpse of my hardening "honourable member." She once whispered something to me, and I think it was, "Too bad you and I did not meet each other first." Wow!

Love to hear about the little encounter!