Prudish Sister-in-law

This happened a few years ago when my wife and I were visiting my brother and his family. I had always thought of my sister-in-law as somewhat of a prude by the way she acted and dressed most of the time.
It was the first night of the visit and my wife had gone to take a shower. I was tired from the trip and decided to get changed into something a little more comfortable than jeans and a long sleeve shirt. I had ******** off all of my clothes, when suddenly the door opened. I immediately thought my wife had returned from her shower, but was surprised to see my sister-in-law standing there checking out my nakedness. We both kind of froze for a second, before I tried to cover my **** and balls with my hands and she mumbled something about being sorry as she closed the door.
My heart was pounding due to this sudden exposure and I quickly finished changing, not knowing if I should go out and apologize or what. A few minutes later, my wife did return and I told her what had happened. She thought it was funny and told me I had no need to apologize for anything. She said the sister-in-law was to blame for bursting into the room without knocking.
My sister-in-law did not speak about the incident that night, but my wife was certainly horny that night and we ****** three or four times, having to be careful not to wake our nieces and nephews in the neighoring bedrooms.
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No problem ivo. There is just something about seeing someone who is prudish or seen as prudish in a surprise moment. Maybe it is like a conquest. You know you can get the loose women anytime, but those who keep don't show anything are a challenge.

Everyone who meets her has the same impression: Prudish. Perhaps she is one of those "books you can't judge by the cover" as it difficult for me to imagine my brother having married such a prude. I have never been able to catch her in the same condition as she did me. I did see one of her **** when one of her young children pulled her top down, but so far that has been it.

Sounds like you need to return the favour and burst into your prude sister-in-laws room. <br />
After she saw you she may of been more open to you seeing her.