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Always Have.........

Just the flash of bare skin when the wind blows up a skirt or better still my sister naked in her bedroom when she thinks no ones home as i walk past and the door's open.......Heaven
It happened a few times when she thought she was alone in the house she would have her music on and not hear me come in whilst going to my room i would pass her's and notice her in her underwear, at first i would have a sneaky look then carry on past but then i went back for a better i must admit she looked good, then she took her undies off i quickly went back to my room in case she saw me but after 15 minutes i had to go back for another look curiosity got the better of me  God she looked good she had a small line of  dark pubic hair i later found out was called a landing ***** and her *** was gorgeous ......I know i shouldn't but it made me sooooo hard ..... 
galant40 galant40 46-50, M 3 Responses Jun 17, 2011

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very sexy

I think its hot

Yeah i don't mind was only a sneaky look nothing serious ....