Fall Out

Several years ago the wife and I went to Florida diving with several of our friends. Since she gets cold easy while diving she usually wears a wetsuit to dive in. We we getting ready to dive and as she was pulling up her wetsuit she began to jump a little as she would pull on the suit. since she had already been in the water the suit was not going on very easy. She has 36 D's so as she was jumping I was enjoying watching her boobs bounce in her bikini top. I noticed that one of her nipples were getting close to falling out of her top as she jumped, but being the guy I am I kept my mouth shut for a while. After a while her *** was completely out of her top. I saw several people checking her out as this happened. I finally told her her *** was out and all she said was be quite...she didn't believe me. Soooo all I could do at that point was stand back and enjoy the view. She finally saw that her *** was out when she went to zip up her suit. She looked at me and smiled, all I said was "I told you so"
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Love it!

Love it when women know they are letting others see them and pretend not to notice... So sexy and fun! You should write up more stories - there must be more, your wife is too much a sexy minx. Fabulous grey dress - fits her perfectly.

Your wife looks hot! I bet she gets hit on lots -maybe you should think about sharing her with other men?

sexy outfit.

Nice pic

Friends with benefits?

Would love to look at your wife day and night. Please add.

Wonderful wife, I would find more ways for those great **** to be exposed

Very beautiful **** ! Thanks for sharing !

she has nice **** she should expose those twin all the time

Yep! That's what I would have said also!!

You are a lucky guy. Your wife **** are beautiful.


Shame to hide those pretty ****..add me!

Wow! Your wife is a beauty! Lovely ****

Those are big and beautiful please add

Yep, I've posted a similar story of a mesh top that let her nipple escape. Tried to tell her that she'd been conversing with several guys (who had gathered around her, obviously attracted by the view) for several minutes at least before she realized I wasn't joking. Heck, she has great nipples. I loved the fact that they were enjoying the view. I understand your pleasure at the sight of your wife in similar circumstances. I can see she has great ****, too!

And what a nice *** out it was...

That is one great big breast!!

Very sexy. Love to see more pics

Sexy girl with a great attitude. Great ****!

Awesome! I wish I had been there to see it.

All you can do, is what you did and what any hubby would do! Well done, and well told. Thanks. Wish I was there to see it. TWOF

Her smile said it all - she knew exactly what was exposed and she loved others seeing her "accidentally."

awesome. love to see more of her

Love the photos of your hot wife. What was the bull riding story?

Nice boobs!

What a great pair, thanks for sharing with us.

Its one of those "Husband" situations. You are darned if you do, and darned if you don't. But at least you got to enjoy the show. Funny story. Thanks for sharing, and for the lovely pics. You have a real beauty there. Fun, as well as nice to look at! TWOF

hey you did ur job like a good husband :) she didn;t listen to you:( her fault

Sweet!! Love it when boobs decide to expose themselves!!!!