It's More The Reaction

I love the female form but, with accidental exposure, the pleasure of seeing skin is secondary. I enjoy the emotional response and the physical reaction (when there is one) much more. When I see something that is intended to be hidden, I find it elating. The emotional response is a medley of arousal, suspense (not wanting to get caught looking... I am a shy person), pleasure and a hunger, a mix that is intoxicating and typically fleeting. This type of exposure can sometimes last for a while and the subject normally never knows the better. If I replay it in my head I can picture the breast, typically, but the feeling is gone.
In contrast, when there is an error that results in exposure while the subject is fully aware, I am much more in tune to the physical reaction. The shock expressed on the face and the different attempts to cover up. Actions range from nonchalant to frantic and from logical to confused. Faces express surprise followed by laughter, embarrassment, coyness, indifference and occasionaly dread or tears, which make me sad for the person. In these situations I rarely see the exposed body part but am drawn to the people and the myriad of reactions. When I reflect on this I see the faces, the quick grab or run while trying to cover up and I hear the sounds, but the nudity never registers.
planit planit
41-45, M
Aug 24, 2011