Visiting The In-laws

Earlier this year my wife and I went to visit my sister in law and her husband. Rather than unpack right away, we left the bags in the trunk and just enjoyed their company. We talked for several hours, went out to eat and then, on the way home, we stopped at a liquor store for the evening festivities. We came home and started drinking. I drank beer, as did my brother in law, but my wife and sister in law chose a mixed drink that is deceptively potent.

As time went on the women were getting pretty drunk and, after some time, disappeared into the back. I told my brother in law that i was going to get some of our things from the car. I didn't want to unload everything that night and walked to the back to see what my wife needed brought in. I could hear them talking in the master bedroom and when I turned the corner I found them both wearing only their bra and panties... they had decided to try on clothes.

This might be a good time to explain that as a child I was extremely shy and, while I am now better now, there are situations where I am still very shy and easily embarrassed. This was most definitely one of those situations. I spun on my heels, blurted out some sort of apology and made good time back down the hall. I would just get everything out of the car. Behind me, over my wife's laughter, I heard my sister in law say "Oh come on... they're just ****." She was right, of course, they were just ****... covered by a bra as well. But it was a shock, I was embarrassed and I had watched her grow up since she was around 12 (there is a fifteen year gap between the siblings) so it seemed a little weird.

I was almost to the front door when i heard my brother in law say "looks like somebody's going to see some boobies" and seconds later my sister in law had grabbed my arm. "Look at me" she demanded. I turned, realized she was no longer wearing a bra, panicked and turned back to the door. She grabbed my arm harder and pulled. "Damn it, look at me... there's nothing wrong." I collected myself, turned to her and looked down. She had nice breasts but it still felt weird and I told her that I needed to get the bags from the car.

When i got back in she was still standing there and my wife, still in her bra and panties, was with her. The short walk to the car allowed me time to process and I was relaxed, now i could just enjoy the view. They were talking about my wife's new wardrobe and, as soon as I came in with the basics, I was sent back out to retrieve her bag. I went out, fetched it and returned. My wife started going through her clothes in the living room, grabbed a sundress and told her sister to try it on. I went and sat on the couch with my brother in law.

Once she had it on she came in to show her husband, modeled it a bit and then pulled it off and told my wife to try it on so she could see it on her. As my wife put it on my sister in law returned with another dress to try on. She modeled it started to pull it off and told my wife to change into the new one. It’s worthwhile to mention that my wife is uncomfortable with her body; she won't even swim without a t-shirt over her suit. I was shocked that she was doing this but also delighted by the fact that she was getting past some of her inhibitions. But being in front of her brother in law in her undies was way out of character for her, though it wasn't much different than a swim suit.

A few more outfits went by. They giggled and talked about how cute they looked in the different clothes while my brother in law and I just enjoyed the show. Next she brought out a tube top dress. She tried it on, took it off and handed it to my wife who fidgeted a bit but then turned her back to us and removed her bra and put it on. I was surprised that she didn't go into the back to change and that she was ok just turning her back to us. Then, as my wife was modeling it for us, her sister reached out, grabbed the sides and pulled straight down on it. It took about a second for her to realize that she was now topless and facing her brother in law. She yelped, drew her arms to her chest and buckled onto the floor laughing. She turned around, called her sister a ***** (still laughing) and pulled up the dress. For the rest of the night she was much more relaxed about him seeing her and she didn't put her bra back on, she didn't parade like her sister was doing but didn’t worry about the occasional slip. Her final outfit was a very sheer shirt that was semi transparent and she just remained in it for the evening.

It ended up being a very fun night but I was concerned that she was going to be mortified in the morning when the alcohol was out of her system. It turns out she was fine with it, she even enjoyed it. It gave her a sense of freedom that she is, under normal conditions, unable to obtain. She explained that it wasn't something she could have done sober and doubted it would be still, but said it was fun and she was happy it happened. I certainly was.
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twitching story!!

Very, very, well and candidly told. <br />
<br />
I'm so glad the two of you had that experience. You should both be grateful to your wife's sister, who has such a healthy attitude towards nudity and was bold enough to be willing to give the two of you the experience. As you attested, both of you enjoyed it and attained - at least temporarily - a level of comfort with nudity you had not had before. And I strongly suspect at least some of that newfound comfort will stay with you. <br />
<br />
Hopefully you will visit with her and her husband again and she will guide you further along that path. I suspect it wouldn't hurt.

I think it is sad there are so many people taught to be uncomfortable with nudity.<br />
<br />
I was raised near NYC but also a family farm in the countryside. We skinny dipped all our lives, played doctor and generally thought nudity was fine.<br />
<br />
I hope you continue to put yourself in places where you can get used to being nude.