Son In Law's Introduction To His Fiance's Nudity

My daughter and her boyfriend had been dating for some time, and after she came home from college to live with us for awhile, he often came down and spent Friday and Saturday nights. My husband had converted his old office (over the garage) to a bedroom for her, so they would have a little extra privacy and their own entrance.

When this took place, we'd been at-home nudists for 7 or 8 years. And while she often went nude in front of him, this particular Saturday morning, she opened the door to the main house and came downstairs to get them some coffee, and didn't bother to dress. He asked, with absolute incredulity, if she was going downstairs "like that".

She ignored him and came on down the stairs. Leo (my husband) and I were in the kitchen fixing breakfast, naked as usual. When Natalie came down to get the coffee, she warned us that her fiance might be coming down soon. This was early for them, as they ordinarily didn't get up at this time of day. I started to go up stairs to get our robes when I heard the door close to their room. He came around the corner just as I reached the top step, and there I was, stark naked in front of my daughter's fiance. He fumbled for words for a moment, and then suddenly apologized and ducked back around the corner.

Well, the cat was out of the bag at this point. I thought, "what the hell, he's going to find out sooner or later", so I just invited him to breakfast and didn't bother to get the robes. I guess he was speechless because he didn't say a word, but followed me down the stairs. I'm sure he got a great view of my backside as we walked toward the kitchen.

"Look who's joining us for breakfast!" I announced as I turned the corner into the kitchen. I thought Leo's jaw was going to drop off his face when he saw our future son-in-law walking behind his naked wife. Natalie set the table and poured him a cup of coffee, as he sat down in his silence. Leo and I did our best to be as non chalant as possible, while he fixed scrambled eggs and I fried up a skillet full of sausage patties, and our son-in-law sat uncomfortably twirling his cup of coffee.

We ate breakfast while the s-i-l did his best to look us in the eye, stare at his coffee cup or look at the birds out the window. Natalie finally said to him as she was cleaning off the table, "Honey, you may as well get used to this, we don't wear clothes here unless it's cold, or we have company.....and you're not company any more."

I invited him to breakfast for the following morning, and told him he wasn't expected to put clothes on, but we understood if he felt that he needed to.

They left for the day and Leo and I got to get in some nude sunbathing for the first time since he'd been spending the weekend at our house. When they came in later that afternoon, we were lying on recliners in the driveway. We just greeted them and asked them to join us. We had two extra recliners, and a cooler full of drinks, so Natalie didn't hesitate for a moment. She just slipped out of her sundress, lathered herself up with tanning oil and plopped down on the recliner. Her beau was a trifle more hesitant, but slipped his shirt over his head and turned his back to us before dropping his cargo shorts, revealing his bare backside. He sat down on the other side of Nat, and reluctantly turned around putting his full front side on display, and his he had quite an erection. Leo didn't say a word, but I complimented him on his shaved genitals which only increased his erection. I could tell I'd made him more uncomfortable so I just shut up.

He came to breakfast in a robe the next morning, but Natalie pulled it off him before he had a chance to sit down. Eye contact was quite a bit better on this morning, and I did my best to stand right in front of him, so he had to look at me. The sooner he realized this was going to be commonplace, the sooner this awkwardness would go away.

That was twelve years ago, and that first-time awkwardness has definitely gone away. We've been naked in front of each other countless times since then, as we consider it to be the norm. Wearing clothes is abnormal at our house.....and always will be.

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Wow lovely family

I love it! What a great experience - thx for sharing. Lucky s-I-l!

Nothing like being thrown into the deep end!! LOL!!

What an interesting way to meet the family. I would not have a problem with it; but I don't know if I will be lucky enough to find a nudist wife, I will do my best to convert her though as it is a great way to spend the day.


Great experience.
Heh heh..... the poor ol' BF! I could imagine his discomfort and shock! But for myself, I would have fallen into lock-step with the "family tradition" immediately.

Way to go, Cleo! Thanks for writing about your life style and in this case your ability to overcome.

I applaud you and him for his conversion.

Glad to see you are converting the next generation. Definitely want to get him comfortable with nudity before any grand kids arrive.

They currently have two daughters, and their household could be described as "clothing optional". When they come visit in summer, they don't have to bring much in the line of clothes except for shorts and tops to wear to town.

My Mistress and i also enjoy nudity at all times. we recently enjoyed our very first nudist resort in Mexico, and couldn't believe how great it felt to not to have to put on clothes for dinner or room service/maids. Can't wait to go back!

I love nudity I am just not sure how to break that barrier. It is so natural to feel the wind against you and just not worry about clothes. Soon enough I hope I can do it.

I'm glad all worked out well and he came around to the idea ok, but poor guy he kind of got thrown into the deep end without any warning...

Sometimes thats the best way to go. My first nude-in-public experience was going to a nude beach with a boyfriend. I had no intention of getting out of my swimsuit......until I got there. Within 15 minutes, I was nude and stayed that way all day. It was major turning point in my life.

That seems to be a pretty common experience. I have introduced 3 girlfriends to social nudity, two at a resort, one at beach and they will all tell the same story, very hesitant at first then after about 15 minutes of seeing everyone else they joined in, then about 20 minutes later they completely forgot they were naked, then when it came time to leave they didn't want to put clothes back on. Wife and I feel that way every time we leave a resort.

I don't want to sound juvenile, but Msuphi's question was very amusing.

Well, for those of you with a sophomoric sense of humor, yes, he has. But I don't see what difference it makes. When you decide to become a nudist, you have to put away your childish giggles at genitalia. People who insist on wearing clothing at all times just don't understand. And they never will until they actually try nudity. I've seen him with his legs spread as he has seen my husband's. So if you're not mature enough to refrain from the teenage-boy-questions, please don't comment at all.

Thank you for your perspective.

Has he ever seen you with your legs open?

Great story! It is nice that S-I-L took to nudity so well. At our home nudity as clothing is optional. my daughter and granddaughter are comfortable with being nude in and out of the house. The older grandson is coming around to wearing less....but not quite yet.

Great story, glad to see that it all worked out well.

The SiL married into a great family.

A fellow nudist!!! Add me as a friend please....and check out where I live. :) *hugs* j

great experience...

Great story and very well told. While its humorous to read, your heart also goes out to the poor sil, who no doubt had to go through quite an intellectual readjustment in a short period of time. Thanks for sharing this with us. TWOF

Sometimes the best way to handle these uncomfortable situations is to get things out in the open quickly. He was in our house with his nude fiance. I knew him well enough to know he wouldn't report us to the "Nudity Gestapo", so the best way was just put it out in the open without talking about it.........I remember my first nude beach experience. I was quite shocked upon arrival, but in less than half an hour, I had ******** to my skin. When there's one textile in a group of nudes, it doesn't seem so shocking. It's when there's one nude amongst the textiles that trouble ensues.

It's like jumping into cool water on a hot day. You can ease in, and prolong the discomfort, or jump in and once you recover from the shock, find its very pleasurable. You seem to have handled it well. I saluteand envy you all! TWOF.

We always say 20 minutes. After about 20 minutes people forget they are nude. Then you have to worry about them getting sunburnt, or walking into something hot or usually get at least one "Beacon Butt" every year....j

Family nudists are most welcome (only in my mind), This is what I dream for.

I want my family to be like that!

I commend you, your husband and daughter for your bravery in living your lives normally, knowing that being nude in ones own home is not wrong. It is something I definitely aspire to.

I can't think of a better way to introduce someone to the normality of nudity. I only wish I had family with similar ideals.


Wonderful story...I'm glad he was able to get over his shyness.