Do Women Make An Effort To Look?

In talking to a friend, she mentioned that if a man was unexpectedly naked or flopped out, she would be uncomfortable. Such a thing would be viewed as an aggressive move.

At the same time, sometimes a woman will wear a loose top and allow a peak,etc. So accidental nudity is fun for women to get men to spin their necks around and trip over themselves, but not vice versa.

That brings the question: Do women like to look and even seek out a view for accidental nudity? An outdoor shower, guys skinny dipping, or a peak at a gym? What circumstances would a woman like to look and be comfortable in seeing a guy?

What do you think?
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When I was a little boy, my mother used to take me to her sisters house about everyday. Her sister usually only wore a pair of panties and had very large breasts. I guess they thought I was too young to notice, but I fooled them. I still enjoy a nice set of *******. Just came back from Orient Beach, but still did not get my fill. anyone?

I don't get how being naked is aggressive.
Sexual assault and rape are aggressive.

But I agree, seems like most women are afraid of nudity.

In my experience, females look any chance they get and are no more discrete than men. The big difference is that females, at least in the U.S., can get away with intruding on men's private spaces like locker rooms and restrooms without fear of being labeled a pervert, arrested, and becoming a registered sex offender. As a result, they are more aggressive at looking. I have had a number of females enter the men's locker rooms without warning and blatantly stare at my naked body even though I am no one's idea of an attractive man.

I didn't think women cared much about male nudity and even tried to avoid it all cost, but something tells me it all just an act. I say this because of a comment made by a female friend to her daughter. This friend and I used to go to the beach frequently, it's an odd story but it's a nude beach and I was always nude. She didn't seem the least bit interested in me or any other male on the beach and she never joined in on the nudity. But one day she did tell me that her daughter asked her if she ever purposely looked at my penis and her answer was "of course I did". She never let on before telling me that story.

I can not wait for the reason for this one to come in! I am still lost with "unexpectedly naked man is an aggressive move" ! How? I guess we are entitled to our imaginations, no matter whether they make sense!.