I had been working all day around the house. I finally got a chance to sit and have lunch when my neighbor came and knocked on the door asking for my husband. I told the older gentleman that he would be home shortly. He said something smells good. I laughed and told him to come in, there's plenty. He lost his wife a few years ago, and is a very sweet man. I sat down and as he walked around my chair I noticed he stopped to look in my deep sleeves at my boobs. I pretended not to notice, but he stayed there for a while. I figured I'd let him get his jollies.

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and I get my jollies gazing at you myself

We luv it. Also the sexy pic... TY

Looks like the perfect size !

Thanks ! Such a turn on !

What a gorgeous pair of boobs you have. MMMMMM! YUMMY!

Very sexy...let him see more?

Lucky guy

What an amazing view!

Very kind!

Dam you are gorgeous. i wish we were neighbors.

you are a great neighbour ! Thanks for sharing this wonderful moment with pic !

Nice story, even better with the pic. Thanks!

Jolly nice view

aww your soo kind, i bet he enjoyed that view

You're so sweet to us old guys.

You are a Saint! The best moments for men are when we see skin we are not suppose to see, its so exciting and sexy! Thanks for sharing with us as well. Great boobs by the way!

You're a perfect woman. You're kind, you're beautiful, and then you're playful. Please go on... and add me!

You are a good woman for that

man your gorgeous

Very nice of you! And it is a lovely sight!

Love the picture. You are very naughty!

Where is the rest of the story?

As always great story and pic

Very nice! I have to go find a top like that for C!

Flash em if you got em.....

Very thoughtful of you! I would have enjoyed the view as well!

Wow...nice view :)

Lovely view!.......but the legs look pretty good too.

awesome shot, sweet old men need some stimulant some times too...