At The Pool

My wife has great big boobs. If I had my way she'd never wear a bra. this was a few years ago and we were living in an apartment complex that had a pool. It was a classic hot summer night and after a couple of beers we decided to go to the pool and cool off. after we changed we were on our way to the pool. when we got there even though it was dark there were at least 5 other couples there. Before we even got in the pool I could tell she was having trouble with her top. Half of her right boob was almost out as she made some last minute adjustments before jumping in the water. After we had cooled off we decided to leave. I got out of the water first and grabbed a towel for my wife. I could tell a few of the couples who were drinking beer were staring over as she started to make her way up the ladder. As I turned around with her towel I noticed that her right nipple was poking out of the side of her suit as she looked down to readjust her breast the entire bikini top popped off. Instead of handing her the towel immediately I looked around and noticed that three of the guys on the side of the pool were staring at my wife's exposed breasts. she handled it like a champ she simply crossed her arm across her boobs (which didn't help much both nipples were still on display) and waited for me to hand her the towel.
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