I was there on business about 10 years ago. Some people were flying up from Henderson, then we were going to drive out to a factory that was perhaps 6-8 miles away.
The hotel I was staying at had nice spa rooms, with hot tubs, a nice little bar. I was by myself so I soaked in the tub the night before, then slept in since the guys were arriving around noon.
I like it warm so I left the air conditioning off, and had just a sheet over me. I had barely gotten up and went to the shower when I heard a knock and the door opened. Peering out past the door, there stood a cute hispanic maid.
"Hola." She said. Then she said something else, darned if I know what.
"Es bueno." I responded, about the limit of my spanish.
"Si." She smiled broadly and went to work, instead of leaving like I expected..
Now here is was in the bathroom, naked. A cute spanish maid out in the room cleaning up, making the bed. I had no idea at all of what to do, so I waited.
She came right in, looked at me and smiled, then began cleaning the sink which I hadn't even used yet. She kept looking at me but also stayed busy like she did this every day.
Maybe she did, I don't know. Anyway, I stood there for maybe a full minute or two.
The situation was weird, I felt myself beginning to grow down there. I looked around for a towel but she had grabbed all of them and threw them on a pile on the floor, even the clean ones.
Then she said something else, went out to her cart and came back with a small towel, handed it to me. She looked down at my crotch which by now was rather obvious, grinned again.
I went out into the main room, got my briefs and tugged them on. I was pulling on my slacks when she came back out.
"Gracias." She told me as she pushed her cart out.
The next morning I was ready, sitting on the bed naked when the knock came at the door. I admit I was thinking some rather naughty thoughts, since she had gone ahead and cleaned the room with me right there stark naked and she had seemed rather interested in my privates, as she kept looking the whole time.

"Come in!" I called out, sitting there about half hard. What the hell, it was worth a shot and she really was cute.
An old lady about 60 or so came in, looked at me and came to a dead stop. Her hand came up to her mouth. Then she mumbled something and ran out of the room.
magmaman magmaman
May 11, 2012