No Sleep At The Sleep Clinic

I noticed a couple of people in here like to pretend like they have no idea they are flashing others. It reminded me of a trip to the sleep clinic I made a while back.

I arrived at the clinic at the prescribed time only to be greeted by a lovely nurse who asked me to slip into what I normally wore to bed. I thought it would be pushing my! luck to explain that I normally sleep nude and just slipped into some work out shorts the army gave me. They were fairly short and allowed plenty of room for things to breath down there. She returned to my room after my change and began to hook me up to several electrodes each of which had to be run through the inside of my shorts. I was confident she had all the men she could handle taking advantage of that scene so I contented myself with conversation. She was not only attractive, but very intelligent as well. We seemed to hit it off rather nicely and when it was time for bed she assured me she would be keeping a close eye on me. She also connected an oxygen sensor to my finger. Not sure how it works but she told me it was needed and that if it fell off she would come reconnect it.

She left and I tried to go to sleep. It was no use. I kept thinking about her. Then it struck me that with the appropriate moving around my **** would easily fall out the bottom of those shorts. In no time I was out and getting thick just imaging what she might do. I rested my hand on my thigh and allowed my hand to drape dangerously close to my exposed member. Then I wiggled out of the oxygen sensor.

True to her word in a short time I heard the door open and in she came. I pretended to be asleep just to see what she would do. She busied herself attaching the sensor but was none too shy about allowing her hand to brush against my swollen shaft. I wasn't hard yet but was very thick. And my balls had gotten quite heavy. Then she left without a word.

I did that a couple more times during the night finding sleep impossible to capture. The results were always the same. I honestly am not sure what I was hoping would happen, but I know I wasn't expecting what would happen when she came in to wake me. It was still early and I had not gotten any sleep at all so my groggy act leaned more towards reality and less towards acting. She asked me to swing my legs around to the side of the bed so that she could remove the leads. As I turned I felt me fall out once again but I acted totally oblivious to the situation. She carefully slipped the leads out one by one, each time reaching inside my shorts to guide the lead out and in so doing revealing more and more of my manhood. By the time she was done I was fully erect and standing tall, right before her face. She glances up at me and grinned then reached out and took a firm hold of it slowly licking the swollen bell as she began to pump it. Then she took it in her mouth. I could reel my pulse slamming through my member pounding against the inside of her hot mouth. She took me balls deep while she fingered my ***. It was so incredibly hot. She slipped one hand under her skirt and I realized she had nothing on under that dress. Before long I was shooting several long hot ropes of my seed deep into her mouth. She swollowed eveherself, then came herself. When she finished, she simply pulled her hand from under her skirt and brought it to my lips so we could share her nectar. Then she got up with a smile and returned to her office. When I headed out the door to go home, she simply smiled and said she hoped I had had an enjoyable time! True story every bit of it!
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Very hot!
I haven't been sleeping too well lately, maybe i'd better get a

Well let me do a little preliminary examination and I am sure I can point you in the right direction.


Its the least I could do for a friend.

@Iowaborn76: If I told you to ***** would you have taken your shorts off? Would you have gotten erect? Would you have *********** if I "encouraged" you? (I really should be spanked! The rooms were sound-proofed so you could have done that too if I asked! Tee hee.)

Well Chrissy, if you insisted on getting comfortable, I probably would have removed my shorts for my comfort level. On getting erect, I do not believe I would have. I would have taken advantage of the opportunity if you presented in such a manner that would be sexy and that the both us would not get in to any trouble.
Chrissy how long did you work at a sleep lab?

I was there for one semester, just while taking that class. I learned a lot and it counted as my lab requirement but I need my sleep too!

honey you would have had me following you around like a puppy. lol

When I had my appointment in the sleep lab for my sleep apena, I missed that part of the test. The attendees were all very nice, and attractive. Nothing but professional behavior from all of them. However, I did, toy with the idea of sleeping naked since I have slept naked for the past 29 years. I did wear a pair of cotton shorts to sleep in.

I believe your story.<br />
<br />
I worked in a Dream/Sleep Clinic during the first semester of my Freshman year in College. It was run by the Psychology Department and was partially staffed by students taking classes. We were mainly studying the dreams & sleep habits of other students who volunteered to be in studies for a small compensation.<br />
<br />
Staff at the clinic had nameplates and white hats & jackets to put on over our clothes. That made us look kind of like nurses and I wore a short matching white button-up dress and white shoes & stockings to enhance that fantasy. The subjects were told to bring their usual sleep costume to change into.<br />
<br />
Anyway, the sleeping rooms were private and when I went in to hook someone up (or when they were having trouble falling asleep later) I liked telling them to stand next to the bed. Then I asked them "Have you ever slept in the nude?" and of course most people answer "Yes.". So I crossed my arms and looked disapprovingly at whatever they had chosen to wear for their session while saying "Well, ***** off then!".<br />
<br />
I said it almost as a command (and I was certainly giving them permission) and then I just stared steadily at them while impatiently tapping my hand on my arm so many of them did! If they were wearing boxers or briefs or bra & panties underneath I just kept looking at them and said "All of it!" in a commanding tone.<br />
<br />
If they got naked (most did) that made me bold! If they were hot and I was getting a good vibe I went further by asking them if they ever *********** before falling asleep! Most people answer "Yes." to that too! That's all it takes to start getting some girls ready & wet and some guys fully erect but I continued asking them about how they *********** and encouraging them to show me by touching themselves in front of me.<br />
<br />
If they were too embarrassed I had another ploy. I told them to <u>imagine</u> I wasn't wearing anything under my "uniform" and then I briefly lifted my dress to flash them and show that I had no panties!<br />
<br />
Next I told them to <u>imagine</u> I was unbuttoning my clothes and then I did that too! By the time they were "imagining" that I was showing them my bare breasts and then the entire front of my body and was touching myself in front of them they were excited and (frequently) ************ themselves. Then I took over and helped them finish! (And sometimes we did even more!)<br />
<br />
The professors & students on the staff wondered why I could always get my subjects to sleep & dream and then return for more sessions. But I don't think they ever figured it out. After all, it was just <i>imaginary</i>. My subjects <u>dreamed</u> I did all that stuff! Tee hee.

had 2 add this 2 my alltime fave ep stories lol! =D

so glad you enjoyed it

not as much as she did...lucky ***** =)