The Gym

A friend of mine has started up his own gym near where I live I go there regularly to support him. Like a lot of small start ups there stuff that needs to be fixed and maybe not the cash to fix them all immediately. One is the change rooms door to the women's lock don't always close properly.

Last night there were four of us training and end of the work out I had to go up to his office. To get there you walk past the ladies locker room and up the stairs. Well when I came down the stairs I noticed the door was ajar and one the girl I who worked out with us was just getting out of the shower. I didn't look for too long, just in case she saw me, but a very fit and toned body.

I'm sure he'll get that fixed soon.
scubascooby scubascooby
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1 Response Sep 7, 2012

Leave that door alone and enjoy while you can.