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A young guy recently moved into the apartment across the alley from mine, and our bedroom and bathroom windows look right in on each other. Whenever I see him in the window, I like to give him a little show. I know he's watching because he always turns out the light. He probably thinks I cant see him. I'm kind of surprised he even looks, because I'm quite a bit older than him and have small breasts and a rather hairy vagina. My bed is right by the window and sometimes I let him watch while I pleasure myself. When I'm lucky, he returns the favor and lets me see his gorgeous butt. For the longest time though, he never let me see his goodies. Then a few weeks ago, I found out why when he dropped his towel. He has a small penis. But it's absolutely adorable. He has the kind with the pink helmet on it's tip, which is my favorite type!
    One morning I ran into him on the street and said, "Don't I know you?" Then I glanced at his crotch and winked, like I knew about his little secret. He seemed really shy, and when he realized who I was, he became embarrassed and mumbled something about being late and hurried off.
For a while after that, he kept his blinds closed, but now he's starting to play the game again. He's becoming braver too. He let me see his erection and even *********** once for me. I hope he does it again!
    I don't know why guys are ashamed of having small penises. It's what they were born with and should be looked at and enjoyed no matter what the size. Besides, I think the small ones are cute. I love having little boobs and wouldn't trade them for the world.
Acupannie Acupannie 41-45, F 38 Responses Oct 13, 2012

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Why aren't you my neighbour?!

I would love to be your neighbor. My window blinds are always open.

I love the open attitude expressed in your story. Good luck with your neighbor

That guy is lucky to have you as his neighbor.

i am naked most time in my house an yard i was cooking on my grill on the deck an my neighbor stop over saw the smoke from the grill she came around side of house with her teen daughter there i was bare *** naked grilling with a beer she was little surpise her daughter not an just said want a beer

The more of your stories I read, the more I think I live you. Ha ha X

I read this and I am at my desk---I am erect right now--can you add me?

Sounds like there may be more fun in store there. Thanks for sharing.

I love your writing style and wonderful stories. Thanks for sharing.

You are truly exciting and this story is very well written...would you please add me?

Is there any way you could bless him with a pair of your well worn panties that you know he has seen you in at some point anonymously?

I am sure that you know by now that you are sexy, and he thinks so too!

Very nice. And yes, everyone, man and woman, should be thankful for what they have. I am bothered when women feel the need to augment their breasts... a natural breast of ANY size is FAR superior to any implanted-breast. Keep it natural, babe!

You're a very generous and exciting woman!
Love your spirit.

I love little boobs too.

What a great neighbor!

I wish I can get a show from u. Add me pls

Sounds like a beginning..Wish it was me watching, I am very voyeuristic!

Working with what you have. I like small breast and would love to see yours. Friend me, please.

You can enjoy mine anytime you desire....its a little cutie

if you like small penises then you wood really enjoy mine. i am 6X51/2. want to get bigger back to the days of my youth. any suggestions????

Yes, you are an exhibitionist. Yes, you enjoy it. Yes, you should keep it going.
And yes, you should move in next to me. We could give each others many hours of delight.

If I was in his 'predicament', I would milk it for all it's worth - damn!

i have a neighbour like you and we **** whenever we get the opurtunity! i **** for her every morning in my shower!

I wish you were my neighbor. I have always preferred smaller busted women and would love to see you

mines not big but it rises to the occasion .

Older? You are not older at all. You are in the prime of your life and I'd like to be deep into you!

I wish I had a neighbour like you!


That is a cute story. Hope to read more about your fun.

Bare Hugs

You should read my story of my first time, maybe it will give you ideas. Would love to be added to see your pics too!