Neighbor's Pink Moon

I love sunbathing on the roof-top deck of my apartment building. There's a semi-private area off to the side behind a wall where I can do it in the nude without getting in trouble again with the building manager. It's a small building, and during the week nobody ever goes up there. But one day last spring, I emerged to find someone else laying on the lounger by the door. She was wearing an ill-fitting purple two-piece, and I recognized those big round buttocks as belonging to my downstairs neighbor who I'd seen around the building, but never talked to. I said hi as I walked past, but got no response. I assumed she was asleep and hadn't seen me.
    The next day, I went up again and found the same pale butt and same purple bikini, but this time she was in MY spot, laying on MY yoga-mat! I try to be a good neighbor, so I held my tongue and sunbathed on the main deck....with my bathing suit on. When she emerged, I said hi, but once again got no response, which I found to be a little rude.
    Things got even stranger on the next day. I went up early to claim my spot behind the wall. I removed my bathing suit and zoned out while listening to my ipod. About an hour later, I sat up and was startled to find my neighbor laying right next to me, and she too was completely naked! Her full moon was exposed to the sun, and turning dangerously pink. Her thighs were slightly spread, and when I leaned over, I could see a bit of her vagina. Then she looked around at me. I pointed at her fanny and said, "I think you're starting to burn back here". She made some hand gestures, and that's when I realized that she was deaf. But she can apparently read lips, because when I repeated myself, she handed me my bottle of sunscreen. After an awkward moment, I found myself rubbing it on her.
    We have since become friends, and hang out often up there. She's taught me a few signs, but we mostly just hang out in silence. She makes grunting noises when she tries to communicate, and once, when I was rubbing her bottom, she tooted a little fart! It's so cute how she doesn't realize she's making these noises. Applying sunscreen to each other has become the highlight of my day. I like to compare our bodies, and they couldn't be more different. She's stocky, but not fat, with thick arms and legs, and barely any pubic hair. We both have small boobs, but while I have flat little hangers, hers are round and plump, and sit up high on her chest.
    When I get back to my apartment, I have to immediately gratify myself. I'm not a lesbian, but I find myself wanting to give her a big naked hug, or maybe a little kiss. I doubt she has the same feelings. But if she does, I hope she lets me know. Even though she's basically mute, there are certain feelings that can be expressed without speaking.
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Nude sun bathing is the best, even better with a friend.

IGreat story.

What a dream come true to live in an apartment complex where some of the women like to sunbathe nude.

nice story


Love the story

What a great experience and thanks for sharing. Good luck on it perhaps going a little farther.

What a perfect opportunity you have, while applying the lotion on her you can let your fingers stray in between her legs and brush up against her lips and if there is no reaction, then let your fingers part her lips and go from there.

You don't have to be lesbian to have sexual feeling toward another woman... perhaps you are bisexual. I adore women more than anything else (sexually), but I am still aroused by men as well. I am bisexual, but NOT gay!

Interesting, love to read more - as things progress

You are a fun person. Wish I could meet you at a bar or even better sunbathing at a public pool/lake/beach.

Cool! Can I join you?


Lovely story!

Have you ever noticed her looking at you you differently?

Fun story. Always good to have nude friends. I have known a lot of deaf nudists over the years

Next time you are putting lotion on her butt let your hand explore a little and see how she reacts

Sounds like a great friendship

Interesting place to meet a new friend.


That is wonderful you are making a friend like that. Funny how nudity can be a bridge.

Bare Hugs

great story..... always pays to be nice...... could be the start of a great friendship

Nice story, it would be nice to have a friend like that. Good luck with it, I hope it works out well for you.