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I've seen hundreds of naked bodies during my 15 years as a nurse, and as cliche as it sounds, no two bodies (or body parts) look exactly alike. I work in the post-op ward of a major urban facility near the front range, so we get many victims of recreational accidents, who tend to be younger and more physically fit than the typical in-patient. While administering sponge-baths, it's considered an unwritten rule for a nurse not to openly look at a patient's genitalia, but like most nurses, I discreetly inspect all my patients.
     I'm close friends with the other four nurses in my ward, and we often discuss and compare the anatomy of our patients. Whenever one of us discovers a "mister big" in the ward, it's considered common courtesy to share this information, as well as bathing duties, so that we all get a fair turn. Many of our younger patients are "growers", and these are my favorite. During a sponge-bath, they become uncontrollably erect, which leads to some interesting moments. Most of the time we both just pretend not to notice. Some guys continuously apologize, which is quite awkward for everyone, especially if there's another patient in the room. But I do love watching a penis become erect.
     Once in a blue moon, we'll get a "squirter", which are also fun to watch. This one poor guy had a compound-fracture to his femur, but his other parts worked fine....almost too well. His penis ********** on its own, without being touched! Despite being quite small, it discharged an unusually high volume of *****, and I had to clean up every last drop for hygienic reasons. After consulting with the other nurses, I was flattered to discover that he only performed for two of the five of us. And I am the oldest one!
     I don't know how guys can walk around with those things between their legs. They seem to have a mind of their own, and cause endless trouble and  embarrassment for their owners. But they sure are nice to look at.
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Glad to hear that you like to look. I lived in the front range area 16 years ago. Thankfully I never got hurt enough to go to the hospital. If I had, I would hope that you were my nurse and that I needed a sponge bath.

Great story

Nurses are full of stories, I know first hand

Love to be naked with nurses. A great fantasy to be naked, viewed and on display.

I know what this feels like------I think I was close to *********** when the Aestetician was cleaning my **** and balls after the waxing. I leaked quite a bit during the process---I cant stop thinking about it.

It is a funny thing how we guys sometimes lose our mind when all our blood goes to between our legs. It can sometimes be an embarrassing, yet funny, show. Thanks for sharing.

I always figured the nurses were checking me out. Do you tell each other to go to room 215 and check out the guys ***? I'll remember that when I get my full body scan this summer, but until then, it is off to the gym!

I would not mind being your patient

thats a awesome story ! both of us are smiling and laughing ! thank you ! nice too know our nurses or fully human too ! you rock !

taste good too??

Very cool... my GF works with patients in hospitals too, and she enjoys the view when she can, and loves to tell me about it! I would love to let you inspect mine any time you like!!

It is good when you enjoy aspects of your job ;)

I had that happen to me once. I was younger and the nurse was so good at bathing me. She kept running the warm wash cloth up and down my inter legs. I did my best not to get hard, but once she got to my balls it was throbbing. It just happened. The nurse was cool about it, cleaned me up, but the next nurse was older and less gentle.

I have a small penis and just love to let it be seen. I figure you either have a penis or seen one so what is the big deal about letting it be seen . Every time I have to go to the doctors or hospital I always get nude and once seen I think things go much easier. One time while in the hospital I had to pee so I got out of bed nude and 2 nurses one male and one female told to robe up for no one wanted to see my pp but both took quick looks LOL But I did not put anything on

I have a pic posted if you would like a look


They are lots of fun to show off to appreciative ladies like you.

Bare Hugs

Great scott! - all the women I run into say they "hate" to see a man's junk. Your story proves my suspicion correct after all. More power to you

Love the story...I was always curious how nurses thought about this aspect of things!

mmm would love to get a sponge bath from you though not in a hospital!

I get turned on when nurses see me naked. I love it. I have a good sized **** So I hope they like it too. Have you ever thought of having a cfnm party?

I have never wished to be in an auto crash until now.

Lets face it being an Emergency Responder it is hard not to look. When you are cutting off clothing to get to an injury/wound you are more concerned with first aid then looking. But yes it happens. We do look at times. How do you not ?

The non life endangerment emergency rescues are the ones were you tend to see more.

People seem to get themselves tangled up in something with very little if any clothing at times. The stories that I could tell.............

our not supposed to look??.. I had back surgery 8 years ago and while in for 4 weeks of P.T. I was sponge bathed for 2 weeks and assisted in the shower for the other 2..Believe me they looked!..LOL..I didn't mind, I had the same aid for the entire stay. She saw me erect quite a bit and I definately came enough... ;-) Too bad you weren't there!!

Clearly your experience makes you good at your job. ;-)