Sauna Mistake

I was at a spa in the summer and walked into the sauna nude thinking it was female only, only to find two guys in their 60s sitting naked. Don't think they could believe there luck as I'm a 27year old blonde slim but quite busty. Had to sit between them and don't think their eyes left my body the whole time. Was embarrassed at first but got used to it after a bit.
ClaireUK27 ClaireUK27 26-30, F 37 Responses Oct 31, 2012

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I'm glad you were confident enough to stay and sit there and not run out. Good girl!

As I get older, I hope that there are more and more women like you to keep life interesting.

Lucky bastards ;-)

sounds like heaven

Holy cow why don't those things ever happen to me! Feel free to send me a pic to make me feel better

I'm glad you managed to get used to it. Nothing more natural than relaxing naked.

and you stayed........ what guts............

nice story

Haha... Bet you got them nice and hard also. You should have smiled and cutely asked, 'Sorry, did I do that?'.

Thanks for sharing!

That's great, Claire! I'll bet that made their day. Spa nudity can be a lot of fun and often quite innocent. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for your story! AP

If I were one of them I would be wishing that your hand found its way across my leg and ...:: hope you will add me and share our thoughts and ....

I know that made their day. I commend you for keeping your composure in that situation.

Wow, would that be something?

Nice, simple mistake but hilarious :P nicely handled though. Bet they couldn't believe their luck

It was nice of you to share

Mmm tell me where that sauna is!! :)

Love to have been one of these guys! Lucky guys!

i bet that was the best day in a loooong time for them !

What happened when their Viagara kicked in?

You defiantly made their day :)

Good on you for staying and letting the old guys enjoy the view

i would have liked to see their faces

I wish i was there!!!

Lucky, lucky guys! Wish it were me! You are welcome to be naked with me anytime anywhere! Lol. Dx

From old guys everywhere, thank you

Your welcome lol

I would have love to see there face and yours Ill bet it was pricless

Why am I never lucky enough to see that happen

What lucky guys! Bravo for not turning tail and leaving.

Have to admit yes a bit.

So did you get turned on?