Sauna Mistake

I was at a spa in the summer and walked into the sauna nude thinking it was female only, only to find two guys in their 60s sitting naked. Don't think they could believe there luck as I'm a 27year old blonde slim but quite busty. Had to sit between them and don't think their eyes left my body the whole time. Was embarrassed at first but got used to it after a bit.
ClaireUK27 ClaireUK27
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My wife is probably participating in nude sauna parties with a group of drunken men on her vacation right now..

ever wanted to do it again?

Great are a fun person...would you please add me?

those guys are so lucky!!!! add me ;)

My experience in the UK is that men do tend to stare, but on the continent they are so used to nudity another set of **** doesn't phase them. what country were you in for this experience?

Some guys have all the luck. ;o)

lucky them

sounds like fun.

mm lucky them

i would be so lucky - hot story

you should be getting used, you are a bomb

I'd love to see what they saw ?
Pm me

wish i could go in the sauna with you

lucky men

WOW! I would love to sauna with you naked and ..............

I'd like to see you nude to ?

Lol. Did they have a hard time of it?

Wish I could have that kind of luck. 😀

did their hearts "survive" the experience?

And why we have'nt that luck to see you nude? Why? :-(


Mmm wish I was their

sit next too me please!!

What a lovely treat for them!!

how simple and hopefully rewarding a simple gesture or a small accident can be...

would love to join you too. did you become friends after ??

did they cross there legs or try to cover them self s

I would let you sit on my lap. :)

Awesome Claire!

remind me to spend more time in the sauna

hehe did u like it too?

Did you look down between their legs to see if they liked what they saw? If so, did you like what you saw?

Lucky bastards ;-)

Holy cow why don't those things ever happen to me! Feel free to send me a pic to make me feel better

I'm glad you managed to get used to it. Nothing more natural than relaxing naked.

Haha... Bet you got them nice and hard also. You should have smiled and cutely asked, 'Sorry, did I do that?'.

Thanks for sharing!

Wow, would that be something?

Nice, simple mistake but hilarious :P nicely handled though. Bet they couldn't believe their luck

It was nice of you to share

Love to have been one of these guys! Lucky guys!

i bet that was the best day in a loooong time for them !

You defiantly made their day :)

Good on you for staying and letting the old guys enjoy the view

i would have liked to see their faces

I wish i was there!!!

Lucky, lucky guys! Wish it were me! You are welcome to be naked with me anytime anywhere! Lol. Dx

From old guys everywhere, thank you

Your welcome lol

I would have love to see there face and yours Ill bet it was pricless

Have to admit yes a bit.

So did you get turned on?

At least you would made the day for a couple of guys that would not of seen anything so sweet in a long time, good work...

That's always nice ! Thanks. I do think they loved to see you naked!

some guys have all the luck!!!!!!