Walking On The Beach

During a recent holiday, my wife and I were walking along the beach behind our hotel. It was pretty busy, but there was always a good "walking corridor" adjacent the water's edge for those who enjoy stolling up and down the beach and occasionally getting their feet wet by the waves rolling in and out.
We were walking with my best friend and his partner when all of a sudden my friend noticed that the ties on one side of my wife's bikini bottoms had come undone and the front of her bikini was only half covering her neatly trimmed bush. She shreaked, but then started laughing as she tied them up again. My friend and half a dozen or so other had definitely seen inside the front of my wife's bikini bottoms.
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Great story

That must be a sexy moment!!!

That is a fun story!

great story i would have loved to been there.Add me please

Great story. Please add me.

lucky guys indeed

Beautiful. Excitement all round.

Short story, but very sexy

Must have been a wonderful sight...any idea how long she had been giving her show?

Great story. I live accidental slips like that and do my best to contribute to them. I love men getting a chance to see my wife's **** and *****.

Little incidents like this always make for fond memories, especially if both of you get a laugh out of it!

Sexy and **** stirring ...thx for sharing..

makes you wonder if you should have pushed it a little further

Wow, what if it was in a more secluded area, would she have undone the other half ?

Very sexy situation!

Accidental nudity is far better than blatant. And from your profile pic she must have had loads of looks before it was noticed

I bet that was a beautiful site

Lucky them !

Great story. You must like showing off your sexy wife.

Nice story. Thanks!

I love accidental nudity like that. Especially when they dont seem to mind that it happened.

How fun.

Oh the horror of a finely tuned kitty.

mmmmm nice

And I bet they all greatly enjoyed the view! Hope she has other "wardrobe malfunctions" - accidental or with a little help... ;)

sexy wife thanks for shareing

Oh so sexy! She look amazing in your profile pic. Hope you've had more opportunities to show her off.

it's a shame she got tipped off, it would have been better to letter he go on that way while walking back to the hotel.

The only thing better would have been if she had just said, "Oh WTF, you've already seen me, so it's too late now," and had removed them entirely, hehehe. But then there's that whole "probably not a nude beach" and prudes freaking out about it issue. At least your friend got a nice partial glimpse. What I wonder long was he looking at her that way & enjoying the view before he finally decided that he'd better say something? Food for thought, huh?

I would have tugged the ties on the other side, but there again, I`m that type of guy.

Me too!