Quick Flash @ Work

Hey all, this is a short one, but it is two different days in one. It happened to Dawn just 2 days ago. Thought I'd share it with ya, she works part time at this local B. Dalton's bookstore as a favor for a friend who's the manager. Which really doesn't mean anything except, she can get away with being bra-less as well as panty-less if she chooses to. Usually she wears panties, at least to this job, but not on these two wonderful evenings.
She wore the lovely black sundress on day 1, yes the lovely one from Chuck E. Cheese. This time with a black sweater, the short ones, that barely go down to your waist, they have long are sleeves, and look cute with sundresses and such. Anyways, this day they had her on her toes, she had to move half the store to the other side, and then put them in the right order on the shelves in their correct spot. It just so happened to be in the 80s this day and got a bit too hot for her sweater so with no one really around where she was at, she took off the sweater. The only that could see her was one of the stores cameras. Now this was a pretty large bookstore, jointed with a cafe, with an extra large window that surrounded most of the store. I was sitting in the cafe pretending to read. Spying on her at work, just for fun, she spotted me, but pretended not to see me.
As she put the sweater down, she was afraid the straps would fall, so she carefully, she was on the opposite side of this big plate glass window that separated the two businesses with a glass door in the middle. As she got down on her knees to put the book in the shelf, her dress rose up immediately, showing off her entire *** to anyone that looked, surprisingly not one soul noticed.
Camera got a full shot from behind, but besides that...nothing. Her straps had fell down to her wrists, in her doggystyle position as she put books up two at a time. Both her breasts, completely out just dangling about, looking very edible. She left them out as she continued, still...not a soul to see..it was getting old, and I was about to tap on the glass and say give up. Til some weird looking arab/indie looking guy with a big joker smile walks around the corner to hers from behind. I see him, he sees her ***** and ******* from behind. Dawn had gotten real low, her legs were far apart, her *** cheeks were open, she was ready to get ****** in this position. The man just stared intently, very, very hard, like he had a new mission in life. As he walked up to her, she still didn't feel his presence. He walked up to the right of her, positioned in front of her, she was still on her knees, looking down, boobs completely out, putting up the last book. He then spoke to her, I couldn't hear him, but later found he said" Hello, do you work here?"
Dawn freaked, not only did she not not see him, but didn't hear anyone there, she sat up on her feet sitting still, her dress then fell to her waist, exposing her bellybutton and up. After the initial shock, she noticed he was extremely happy to see her, and quickly, lifted up her dress, and put the straps back on her shoulders, as she stood up pulling the dress below her waist. He then continued to very creepily, follower her around, and ask her questions while looking down her dress.stood out so much through the neckline you could see her abs looking down her top. Very seductive dress it was, and it was working hardcore on this dude. Without warning he just left, and never came back, but got a never forgetting glimpse of Dawns amazing gifts.
Day 2 happened the very next day, she decided to go bra-less and panty-less again, but this time she wore a very short black skirt real tight, that barely covered her *** and *****, when she sits in it, it rises up so she has to sit bare *** on it's surface. On the top she wore a Rose colored shirt, with a plunging neck line that dipped in the back as well as the front. Balanced on both sides, it shows most of her upper back, as well as a lot of cleavage. But strategically moved up in the back, leaves for ample breast to spill out, even while standing up her boobs are capable of being seen. Very dangerous at her formal work clothes requirement, but worth the risk. On her lunch she decided to eat her snack outside on the bench in front of the store. I again was at the cafe, in search of the indie guy. I figured he would def be back today. But, no sign of him, so I focused on Dawn. As she sat down, her skirt rose up like usual, she sat her bare *** on the bench. Legs apart, she swung her right leg on the bench, because her feet hurt. Doing this left her wide spread open, I caught a few guys catch a peek, as she swung her other leg afterwards. Now facing away from me, with her legs flat on the bench, she ate her fruit, and read her book. Several guys passing by were rewarded with a full look at her ***** lips. Which I didn't know she was completely displaying, with her legs slightly open. She's such a tease when she wants to be. She also had her shirt up in the back, so her breasts her barely inside of her top. you could see her tummy and most of her boobs, with a collar barely covering her nipples.
After her break she got up, and fixed her skirt, but not her top, she walked around with her boobs occasionally moving left and right out of her top. No one ever saw though, so I just kept hoping and hoping for something, with almost the entire day a huge disappointment. I prepared to head to the car, because it was almost closing time. As she went behind the register to put up some books, there were baskets for a Thanksgiving special still on the floor, well being the champ she is, she legitimately tripped on the basket, and fell to the ground on her knees. As she fell she cut her ankle, but just barely enough to start bleeding a lot. The pain struck first, and she reacted to it, but the impact of hitting the ground, caused all 4 people at the registers to turn and see what happened. As they turned and asked if she was ok, It was 2 guys and 2 girls. Both strangers to her cause is so new in their mid 20s, as well as a customer, some older man in his 30s.One guy was behind her, when she fell over, hitting the ground in that position caused her skirt to come up about halfway up her ***. From behind he got a full view of her ***** and half her ***. The guy next to him, was more to the side of her, but also got a half look at her ***. Also during this fall, both of her breasts fell out of her top, everyone saw them. The sleeves on this shirt were so short, they almost looked like straps, they were halfway down her arm, almost to her elbow, both of her breasts were spilled out, and hanging down as she rose to get up slowly. Dawn hesitantly got up slowly, using the shelves behind her not realizing her state of undress, she slowly faced her coworkers. The two women, one was a lesbian, looked at her in awe, the lesbian staring intently at her breasts with a smile. Dawn looked down at both of her breasts completely out and back up at the guys, and in a embarrassed fret quickly looked down and put her boobs back in her top. As she began to walk she looked down at her ankle, and noticed her skirt around her waist still exposing her ***** to the coworkers and customer. At that moment, you could tell she felt like a derp.

Both awesome events, are just a few of the exposed moments, plenty more to share. For another time of course. :)
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Public exposure is such a turn on! We love it too!!