Cut Ou Top

Last week, I got a very trendy sweater for my wife. It's black wool with a cut out shape in front, above the breast, filled with black lace (they call it a "surprise sweater"!,11,4,16,618436).
The cut out part goes right on the areola and above it, so nipples appear very clearly if it's worn braless.
My wife wanted to wear it saturday, and decided it would be safer with a bra underneath. But we found out that a regular bra wouldn't be fun. No point having lace, if you just wear dark plain fabric under it...
So she wore it with a tulle cupless bra (there it is, for those who are interested, that could hide most but still be surprising...
My wife quickly forgot about it and spent a normal day, the tulle of the bra appearing under the lace of the sweater and sometimes moving to let the areola show up. That was very subtile and very sweet, I loved it all day long.
A friend of mine then stopped by before dinner, just for a drink, and we started talking the three of us, standing in the kitchen. He obviously couldn't notice anything, as the sweater, the lace and the tulle were all more or less hiding my beloved wife's breast.
But God is playful and... at some point, the tulle went up, the sweater went down, and her beautiful large bright pink nipple appeared, right in the middle of her black top. My wife couldn't notice it, but it was very beautiful, as one could hardly figure out how it could happen. It was just that pink spot in the middle of her chest, with the contrast of the pink and the black. Tulle was moving more and more, you could see the shape of her puffy nipple. I couldn't get my eyes off it...
I don't know if my friend was able to understand how that miracle happened - a nipple showing of in the middle of a black wool sweater, but he definitely must know that my wife is a magician!
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Contrast...that's part of the game isn't it? I mean...what will make a white top sexy? The contrast of the nipples and areola behind it. What will make a dark mini-skirt sexy? The contrast of white panties that barely show as she sits down at a restaurant.

Same thing for stockings: amazing contrast between the nylon and the naked skin...

My wife had a black leather and lace dress that had twin lace panels down the front of it over her breast. We had cut the fabric from behind the lace to let it "reveal" her bare nipples as the night would wear on.. more and more would become visible. She loved the attention and so did I!

Seems like she is getting comfortable in these situations. She shoudl wear that top without a bra next time you go out. And by all means, you HAVE to take and post many photos of her wearing it! [nice looking top - at 135 it ought to be!]

Sorry, acco, I won't posts photos of her until she asks me to. But I think I described her so precisely that you can imagine her pretty well...