Playful Swimwear

Last year, I really wanted to get my wife a naughty swimsuit. I wanted it to look normal at first glance, but then be playful for those (me, for example!) who would carefully look at it. I didn't want some too sexy stuff that wouldn't go well in our family hotel of southern France.
I first showed her some slightly sheer one-pieces on the Internet (Ujena and Brigite do them), which I thought were very interesting, as they looked totally normal when dry, but then turned sheer when wet... But she didn't feel like wearing them, as she thought it was too sheer...
I then bought her some micro bikini, which I thought was beautiful on her, as her large areolas were barely hidden by the small triangles... But she thought it didn't fit her small breast...
So we went on holidays with a regular bikini she bought. It was plain black and I didn't hope anything... until she wore it, first afternoon at the pool.
For some reason, the right triangle of the bikini top was not in front of my wife's breast. As soon as she would move, half of her big juicy nipple would then show up. What a good surprise!
She was of course aware of it, leaving her nipple out until our daughter would tell her, and then pretending to be sorry... But our doughter has other things to do than check her mother's breast, so that beautiful right nipple saw almost all the landscapes of our holidays, as I almost saw none, my eyes glued to this pink puffy marvel...
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