Nips Sighting

One of my favorite sightings of an accidental exposure was more than ten years ago. I had just left breakfast at a Coconut Grove (Miami area) restaurant. As I was walking past shops just opening or getting ready to open, I spotted a movement to my right in one of the floor to ceiling shop windows. As I turned to look I saw a young woman of about 18 to 20 years. She was bent over doing something with the window display and looked up to see me. What I saw was a complete, unobstructed view of her chest. She was wearing a very loose top that drooped at least six inches and she was not wearing a bra. As she had a cute, but rather flat chest, her breasts could not drop to remain covered by her top.

I found it hard to believe she did not expect to go all day in that outfit without exposing her beautiful A-cups to others. Wonder how many other men (or women, if so inclined) had the viewing pleasure I did that day.
nudesmooth nudesmooth
56-60, M
Jan 17, 2013