Male Nudity

Isn't male accidental nudity SO funny? When I was 7 and my dad took me to the swim pool, he was so worried he'd lose me he took me into the men's changing rooms and said "keep your eyes looking straight ahead Thea". Did I? What do you think?
I saw men with big ones who obviously hadn't been in the pool yet and men with smaller shrivelled ones which had obviously got cold and wet. Best of all I saw little boys with ones that had shrunk to the size of garden worms. I knew they'd "shrunk" cos I had a younger brother and even his wasn't THAT small!
When we got home, mom said "Did you have a fun day Thea?". I said "I'm not sure, I need to go back again tomorrow!".

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2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

And females would scream bloody murder if a mother brought her 7 year old son in the locker room like that. Of course some females would claim that it was an excuse for them (the female) to have unlimited access to the men's locker room.

And I'd be one who screamed! It is just a BIT different: what boys and men have is amusing, what we have is sexual and private. Unlimited access to the men's locker room? I think it highly unlikely - I was only 7, and the only time I've been in a men's locker room since was when we played soccer and the girls' room was locked (and there weren't any boys in there then unfortunately!!)

The 'full size' (lol) ones I only saw very quickly as my dad tugged me thru the room, but I will always remember them. The little ones I will too - but not so happily!!