Maybe It Wasn't So Accidental

A few years back one of my wife's good friends, I'll call her C for the sake of the story, was hospitalized for a few days, I don't remember why anymore but it wasn't anything serious.

I went along with my wife to visit C one afternoon, when we walked in she was sitting up in the bed on top the sheets visiting with 3 other female friends. I think C is a bit of an exhibitionist and this particular day she was taking advantage of the fact that hospital gowns don't fit well or provide much coverage as her pubes were plainly visible. I of course noticed immediately and I'm sure my wife did too, but neither of us said anything. I'm not sure, but suppose that no one else said anything either until I walked in, at that point someone said "maybe you should cover up just a bit" and C replied "it's ok, it's nothing he hasn't seen before". The puzzled look on the others faces was priceless...

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Hope it was shaved, and not a gorilla ****!!!

nice image