A Nice Day At Work

About twenty years ago when I worked for a company as a quality inspector and I would walk the floor to check on the peoples work. On this particular day I was checking on a woman that was a few years older than I was and she was using a machine to stuff printed circuit boards. She was wearing a light brown shirt made out of a silky kind of material? It was made in a way that had two pieces of material running from shoulder to opposite side waist. She was leaning forward working on something on the machine as I approached her from the right side. The way the shirt was made and the way she was bent over provided me a view that I do not think I will ever forget. Now this woman wore a bra most of the time so I got a pleasant surprise to look over and see her full breast and perky nipple on display. Her breasts was on the smaller side and her nipple was hard and standing out from her breast. When she sat up in her chair her shirt closed up and that wonderful small breast was covered from my sight. I never got to see that wonderful sight again that day or any other but I enjoyed it when I did.
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nice image

i live for moments like that! glad to hear you got to experience one!