The Changing Room

It was in the changing room of a department store and it was in the middle of a most horrific heatwave. I wore a sundress with nothing on underneath and after I took it off to try on a dress I wanted to buy, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. It had to be one of those that make you look good, because I did look good. I twisted and turned, putting myself into some very provocative poses totally unaware of anything around me. The room had only a curtain and then I heard: "You know, Princess, there are only two dressing rooms, so could you please take it home". I was some old, frumpy babushka, who just stood there. I was mortified, and me, one who goes to nude beaches every summer. I got back into my sundress and squeezed past her, hearing as I did: "Some people". I didn't even try on the dress I was looking at.
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a horrific heat wave can make any babushka impatient and grumpy.

I was in a bathing suit shop in Sarasota Florida. I picked out some tan thru bikini's and went to the 1st open booth I found. All the booths had curtains that didn't quite stretch the width of the entryway. I tried on my suits, stepped out and looked in the mirror down the hall.

One woman peaked out and said, I like that one on you. Hmmmmm, thank you. I then noticed she was nude about to try her suit on. I glanced down, she smiled and I went to try on my next suit.

I looked at the mirror inside my little stall and could see into her stall across from me. She was checking me out as I was changing into and out of my suits and I was checking her out.

We both left the curtains open a little extra to give each other some better views.

We shared our opinions on each other's choices until we were both happy.

I have done that too at ***** malls in florida, smaller places where people don't recognize me. I make it seem accidental that i leave the curtain open when i know they could see in and see me change into what ever i'm trying on. Its definitely a rush to know they could see

you're naughty.;)

seeing and being see would be a real rush, do you have any photos to share?

a sun dress with nothing on under it GREAT!

It's not always accidental. My wife loves to "accidentally" flash... sitting carelessly in a skirt, "Marilyn Monroeing" over a sidewalk vent we know about downtown that catches a lot women unaware, & giving down blouse opportunities to waiters & checkout clerks. She wants to try a shoe store next... a nice young man helping her try on shoes in her skirt, thigh highs, and either a thong or pantyless. Can't wait.
So next time you get a peek, you can wonder whether it was really accidental, or "accidental".

let me know where she is going next time, I'd love to be there

I'm sure she was wishing she still looked as good.

She was more than likely envious of your tight body, and thinking of the days gone by when she too admired herself in the mirror...

Some people are very lucky...but they don't always know it.

<p>I always wear sundresses without any undies on and love it so much when I show off my body in my dress. I love showing off my body when flashing.</p>

LMAO! She probably was standing there lusting after your beauty before she said anything. LOL! It takes all kinds.

I like and agree with your comment at the end! Rude babushka and can't remember when she was young. Thanks

You know the saying...if youve got it...