Bad Day/ Good Day For A Massage

I went for a massage today its an oriental massage but totally a legit place. there's no happy endings here. they do have some cute girls that work there though. I booked a massage with a really cute little girl jess I have never been to her before but I've chatted with her a few times when I was waiting. when i got there today jess was busy but the owner lilly said she could give me my massage. I agreed as she has massaged me before and is very good.

I went in and undressed and layed on the table face down completly naked and un covered. I have talked with lilly before and told her the towel that they put over my bum and **** when I flip over is more for them than me. she has left it off my bum before but always put the towel on at the flip. She started massaging me and it was great until about 15 mins in the phone was ringing, she excused herself to go answer it ( I thought this was kind of weird but let it go). she came back and carried on then it happened again 2 or 3 times then she brought the phone in with her and she was taking appointments with one hand and massaging with the other. I was almost laughing at how this was all going on. At about the half way point she appologized and excused herself again. I was thinking this has to be some kind of joke or something. (my luck was about to change) When she returned she had another girl with her, she asked if she could come in as she was just new and she new I am pretty easy going so this would be a good chance for her to do her first massage. I of course agreed and they started to massage together (one on each leg). They asked me to flip and of course the towel goes on. the new girl may have gotten a brief peek. they started again one on each leg, I was really enjoying this as they were giong with long strokes from my ankle to very high on my thigh. (stopping just short). The phone started to go again out in the reception area. this time someone answered it. The two girls massaging me were talking giving her new girl directions in chinese. The long strokes on my legs had just about worked the towel down between my legs. from where they were you still couldn't see anything. I had a good, I'll say semi at this point. All of a sudden the door opened and and in walks jess with the phone for lilly, the said something in chinese and Lilly starts talking while massaging with one hand. the new girl is still massaging and Jess standing waiting to take the phone back, starts chatting with me about how sorry it wasn't her fault about getting double booked ect. as shes talking she starts rubbing my chest and tweeked my nipple and said next time she will make sure she's available. Well this was too much for me and my **** couldn't take it any more and spang from still on my leg to straight up on my belly, this knocked the towel off and I was laying there absoluty naked on my back with three girls massaging me. (this went on for about a minute and finally Lilly put the towel back on hung up the phone and jess left saying she will see me next time. The two girls massaged for a little longer and the phone was ringing again. Lilly asked if she could leave the new girl on her own and that she could massage me for an extra half hour for free because of all the interuptions. I agreed again as I was starting to like the interuptions. I have to say that she does have a great personality and could see that I was enjoying myself.

The new girl started massaging and was telling me that this is the first massage she has ever given in Canada eventhough she has been here for twelve years. She used to be a massuese back in China she was talking about how massage here was a little different from China (its more of a healling thing there than just for stress relief and relaxation here. I was interested and and asked if she would show me some of the things she was talking about. she agreed and started on the front of my legs. but said it would be better if she could work on my back, I agreed, she just ripped the towel off and said to flip over. I did and no towel back on. she was really good and my back felt great. Just before my time was up Lilly came back in and said that the next appointment was there already and they had to clean me. She had a towel soaked in warm water to wipe me down, and because the new girl hadn't wiped my front down I had to flip back over for time for a towel this time just completley naked on my back. As Lilly finished she took the towel in one hand and put it on my **** and gave it a little wiggle on my ***** and said all clean. They left the room I started to get off the table to get dressed. Lilly came back in with me still naked sitting on the table taking it all in, she said she needs to get the room ready for the next client. She joked that she is sorry to be in there while im still naked but she has seen it before. she called in the new girl to show her how to put the sheets on the table and I took my time getting dressed with my **** sticking straight out the whole time. I caught the new girl looking at my penis and she gave me a big smile and said she would always remember her first massage on a white guy. then she laughed.

As I was paying Lilly said that she was embarassed about the whole day and felt bad. I told her that was the most fun I've ever had at a massage. (almost ever even without a massage) and that she would have a hard time next time to top that. I gave her a big tip and a hug and said i'd see her soon. I can't wait already.
dude137 dude137
41-45, M
Feb 1, 2013