revenge can be more than sweet

Missi is my bestie or you can say bff. We are same age and childhood friends. We were 18, when we went on this trip to a beautiful hill station, Shim la . One day we both decide to go for a hike in a trails.   
We were going down a trail and I had to pee really bad and I couldn't take it anymore so I told her to go up a ways and stand guard. So I undid my jeans and pulled my panties and squatted to pee. Just then bunch of kids came coming the way and they saw me peeing in the woods, out of nowhere. I screamed and jumped out of panic and tried to save my dignity but instead got myself humiliated furthermore. As I stand up I peed on my jeans, exposed my naked  private parts to all of them and pee running out it,  my hands just covered my crotch with my palms, I  turned around exposed my bare bottom to all of them before I pulled my jeans up as fast as I could. Missy was laughing at me while all others were doing the same.
I screamed at her "You BIT*CH, I am gonna fix you"
and she kept on laughing.   

Later, the same evening I had my chance to get back at her, I could not believe my luck but It was really a payback, an embarrassing one for her. She was outside in park, watching some kids playing. I approached her really quiet. I grabbed her lower and pulled it down to her ankles. As there were only kids and she was standing facing them so I don't wanted to give them something really explicit so I guess it was a fate decided cause I went only for her lower but her panties also got dragged down along with her lower all way to her ankles leaving her totally surprised and naked below the waist in the public, everything totally on display. Everyone started laughing at her and she screamed out of panic before her hands could saved her from humiliation, she turned around exposing her bare bottom and pulled up her lowers. 
She also screamed at me " You BIT*CH" 
and this time I was laughing at her. 

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Turn about is fair play! Great fun for you both

i love these naked games

Kind of hot

You make me laugh!!

good job that will teach her

Made my day as your stories usually do. Thanks

I am glad!